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Classical music class at Oakmont Gardens Oakmont Gardens

Thursday September 12th - 10:15am

Santa Rosa Junior College Older Adults Program offers a FREE course: "Classical Music Explorations", beginning Thursday, September 12. This course is designed to enrich the quality of life of older adults through music.
INSTRUCTOR: Carolyn Mae Lucas
The course takes place on Thursdays, 10:15-11:45am in the Private Dining Room at Oakmont Gardens, 301 White Oak Drive in Santa Rosa. Telephone: 538-1914.
Course objectives and benefits: Examine basic elements of music and how they interplay, learn about classical music from different countries and eras, identify signature effects of specific composers, apply critical thinking skills (listening, comparing, analyzing), and enjoy interactions/develop rapport with other music lovers.
Course activities: Live piano demonstrations showing how specific pieces are built up and how artistic interpretation changes emotional affect, guest lecturers/performers every month or so, to learn about other instruments/styles, CD selections to compare common elements in performing artists/composers/eras/countries and experience music by lesser-known composers, and anecdotes about composers/artists and concert/learning experiences.
Instructor's Bio: Carolyn Mae Lucas is a pianist, teacher, historian, and actress. She enjoys discovering new music and figuring out how specific pieces are constructed. She has done extensive research on women composers and loves to act out scenes from their lives.
SRJC offers noncredit courses for seniors as part of its goal to provide lifelong learning.
How to register: Sign up by going to the location; the instructor will give you an application. No age limit for Older Adults Program courses, although they are tailored for seniors. Students may register at any time during the semester. No fee for Older Adults Program courses.