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Disaster preparedness talk at BV Guild Bennett Valley Grange

Thursday June 20th - 7:00pm

The Bennett Valley Guild and the Bennett Valley Community Association are hosting a Disaster Preparedness presentation on June 20, 7 p.m. at the Guild, 4145 Grange Road.

The speaker will be Warren Davis, a 30-year member of the Berkeley Fire Department and a resident of the Bennett Ridge area.

Davis will discuss wildfire preparation of your home and property. Remember, firefighters only have a few seconds to determine if your home is defensible, so its important to consider if fire equipment can navigate your driveway.

Make sure you have prepared your property to make it less likely to burn trim trees, cut the tall grass, remove flammable plants near structures and along the driveway, etc. Davis will discuss the many ways you can protect yourself, and help save your home in a fire and other emergency, like an earthquake.