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Glen Ellen Fire Protection District

13445 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen, CA - 996-9266
Hwy. 12 to Arnold Drive, one mile on the left.

Past Events

Wed Feb 5th 2020 Native Sons meeting
Wed Dec 4th 2019 Native Sons meeting
Wed Nov 6th 2019 Native Sons meeting
Wed Oct 2nd 2019 Native Sons meeting
Wed Sep 4th 2019 Native Sons meeting
Wed Aug 7th 2019 Native Sons meeting
Sat Jun 29th 2019 GE firefighters annual BBQ Dance
Sat May 25th 2019 Emergency response, CPR training in Glen Ellen
Tue May 21st 2019 Glen Ellen Fire public hearing for parcel tax
Sun May 12th 2019 GE Fire flips flapjacks for moms
Sat Apr 13th 2019 Emergency response, CPR training in Glen Ellen
Sat Mar 9th 2019 Emergency response, CPR training in Glen Ellen
Thu Feb 7th 2019 Volunteer disaster service training to help animals
Mon Oct 8th 2018 Community gathering in Glen Ellen, Sonoma
Sat Jun 30th 2018 GE Fire Association’s Dinner Dance
Fri Mar 30th 2018 Easter Egg dyeing
Sat Dec 16th 2017 Make your own candy canes
Tue Nov 7th 2017 Native Sons meeting
Sat Jun 24th 2017 Dinner dance to support GE Fire Department
Sun May 8th 2016 Pancakes, more at Mom’s Day breakfast
Fri Mar 25th 2016 Help dye eggs for the Glen Ellen Easter Egg Hunt
Tue Dec 22nd 2015 10th Annual Bucket Brigade Blood Drive Challenge
Tue Dec 22nd 2015 Give blood, save a life
Sat Sep 12th 2015 GE Historical Society presents: "Our Great Fires..."
Sat Jun 27th 2015 Glen Ellen Fire Dance & BBQ
Sun May 10th 2015 Mother’s Day pancake breakfast
Sun May 11th 2014 Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Mon Aug 5th 2013 Blood drive in Glen Ellen
Sat Jun 29th 2013 GEFD Annual Firehouse Dinner, Dance
Mon Jun 3rd 2013 Blood Drive at the Glen Ellen Fire Department
Sun May 12th 2013 Pancake breakfast for Mother’s Day
Sun May 13th 2012 Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast
Sat Jun 25th 2011 Dinner/Dance at GE Fire Department
Sun May 8th 2011 Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Fri Dec 10th 2010 Drop off Toys at Fire Stations through Dec. 10
Wed Dec 1st 2010 Bucket Brigade blood drive
Sat Jun 26th 2010 GE Fire Department BBQ & Auction
Thu Dec 17th 2009 Blood Drive
Wed Aug 19th 2009 Blood drive in Glen Ellen
Sat Jun 27th 2009 GE Firefighters silent auction and dance
Sun May 10th 2009 Mother's Day Pancakes in Glen Ellen
Wed Apr 22nd 2009 Local energy independence forum coming in April
Wed Dec 17th 2008 Blood Drive Glen Ellen
Wed Sep 24th 2008 Blood drive in Glen Ellen
Mon Jul 7th 2008 Sonoma Mountain Road Update
Sat Jun 28th 2008 GEFD Annual Dinner Dance
Sun May 11th 2008 Mother's Day Breakfast

Community Calendar

Fire preparedness virtual town hall
Virtual Book Club
Cal Alumni Club dinner
Sonoma Valley groundwater community workshop