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Village Chat: 09/15/2018

Village Chat for Sept. 15, 2018

Chop's Teen Club in Santa Rosa is having it's annual fundraiser this Saturday, “Give Back to the Future,” and Kenwood chef Steve Rose is preparing the dinner, with help from the Chop's catering crew. The menu includes Basque fresh green bean salad, organic local mushroom paella with Spanish saffron, and Chef Esteban's Pollo Español. Dessert includes chocolate zucchini cakes, fresh lemon cakes, anisette cookies and See's latte candies. I'm hungry! Thanks, Steve, for giving back to such a great cause! And if you're free on Sept. 15, why not see if there's still room at the party?

Matt and Patresa Zwerling celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, not by having a big party or taking a cruise, but instead going to West Marin County. Matt says, “We had Mother Nature as our chaperone for a delightful, serene and most enjoyable weekend in Point Reyes to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on Aug. 24.” They were married in the San Gabriel Mission in 1968, and have lived in Sonoma County since 1974 where Matt was an orthopaedic surgeon in Santa Rosa, and Patresa, an RN, developed a Stress Management practice. Congratulations! Fifty years of marriage is a wonderful achievement.

Matt and Patresa
Matt and Patresa Zwerling celebrated their 50th anniversary on Aug. 24 in Point Reyes.

And speaking of weddings…

Congratulations to Tren Bender and Matt Pesenti who were married on April 20! Tren grew up in Kenwood, and her very proud mother, Jeannie Mahlani, dropped by this week to give us the details. Matt is a firefighter with West Sacramento Fire Department, and Tren works for the City of Sacramento. The two met when Tren was working at a Lexus dealership in San Rafael and Matt, who was working for a Marin County fire department at the time, responded to a medical call there. The couple were married at St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church in Granite Bay, with a reception at The Flower Farm in Loomis. Matt's parents are John and Sylvia Pesenti of Marin County. Tren and Matt currently live in Fair Oaks.

Tren and Matt
Tren Bender and Matt Pesenti were married on April 20 in Granite Bay.

Full disclosure: this next item is about my son Gus.

Gus Peters and Ekaterina Savinskaya (Katya) were married on July 28 in Vyborg, Russia, which is in the very northwest part of the country, on the Finnish border. Gus moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, five years ago, to work for an English-language newspaper and to become proficient in Russian. The newspaper gig didn't work out, but he did learn to speak the language, and more important, he met Katya, a lovely young woman who speaks both English and Spanish and is a simultaneous translator, Russian-English. Gus now works for PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) as an editor. He cleans up translated documents to make them read like an English speaker wrote them. They currently live in Moscow.

Gus and Katya
Katya Savinskaya and Gus Peters were married on July 28 in Vyborg, Russia.

To get to the wedding, husband Alec and I flew to Helsinki, where we met up with our daughter Elizabeth Peters, son and daughter-in-law Ross and Pearl Peters, and friends Chris and Christine Lee, and Tyler and Kathryn Brown. We all took a train to Vyborg, Katya's hometown, where we stayed for three days of wedding festivities. Ross was Gus' best man, and Gus' cousin Nate Charnas was also there, as he had been traveling around Europe beforehand. It was so much fun, and reconfirmed what we already knew - Russians are incredibly warm and hospitable people. Katya's family could not have been nicer, and even though we don't speak the same language, we managed to communicate pretty well, especially after a few glasses of wine! It also helped that most of Gus and Katya's friends either speak English, or are English, Irish or American ex-pats. A very interesting crowd for sure. Congratulations, son, and welcome to the family, Katya!

That's all for now. Thanks, everyone, for the news and photos. If you have an item for Village Chat, please send it my way. It's easy to do. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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