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News: 11/15/2018

GE Forum drafting new by-laws

An ad-hoc committee of the Glen Ellen Forum will convene during the week of Thanksgiving for the specific purpose of drafting new bylaws to be presented for adoption at the Jan. 17, 2019, meeting of the Board of Directors.

The existing by-laws can be read or downloaded for off-line perusal at the Forum’s new domain, Don’t be confused by the document’s title; these are the actual bylaws now in effect.

To ensure inclusiveness, input is invited from the public by direct email to Jim Shere at Shere is the GEF board secretary.

The committee’s report will be made at the Dec. 3 meeting of the Glen Ellen Forum.

On another point that may need clarification, the GEF’s Advisory Council Exploration Committee (ACE), headed by Arthur Dawson and Shannon Lee, was formed in 2017 to look at the possibility and desirability of forming a Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC), which they have done. The bylaws being discussed and updated are NOT in any way related to the formation of a MAC, and only tangentially to the ACE committee. The bylaws are relevant only to the Glen Ellen Forum’s organization and business.

ACE is a committee formed and staffed by the Glen Ellen Forum. If and when a Municipal Advisory Committee is formed, its members will be elected, or more likely, appointed by Supervisor Susan Gorin. The MAC will be subject to state and county rules of conduct for such groups, and will be a completely separate entity from the Glen Ellen Forum.

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