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Letters to the Editor: 11/15/2018


A close call

Dear Editor,

At 4 a.m. this morning [Sunday, Nov. 11], several fire trucks appeared in our yard to put out a fire alongside the creek caused by two wires colliding by a falling branch in very high winds, sending a spark to the ground and starting a fire. The fire was smelled and seen by a nextdoor neighbor, who made an emergency call. Tom and I were clueless about this, until we heard the fire engine siren.

I wasnít sleeping well because of the noise of the winds, and sometime before we heard the siren, I was walking through the house, realizing the power was out. I felt confident about this because I thought it meant PG&E had cut the power for safety reasons due to the high winds. PG&E had not cut the power, instead that was caused by the colliding wires and falling branch.

One of the firemen told me they had not been contacted by PG&E, but were there because of the neighborís emergency call.

My neighbor asked this same fireman why these wire problems keep happening. The fireman looked up at the lines and said it was PG&Eís responsibility to cut trees a safe distance from the wires, which had not happened. Why didnít PG&E take care of this on Wednesday, when Adobe Canyon had no power or road access while PG&E cut trees away from wires?

Iíve had some time to think this over, and I have to admit Iím not feeling very confident about the fire situation on Adobe Canyon and the safety of its residents. Had it not been for an aware neighbor, a fire could have easily developed and quickly consumed our little place, not to mention those around us.

From now on, on high wind nights, I think we will need to stay awake and keep a close watch!

Martha Haidet

Thanks for the leafy greens!

Dear Editor,

When raising orphan fawns for Fawn Rescue, one of the responsibilities is to provide natural greens to supplement their bottle feedings. Young fawns are bottle fed formula specifically formulated for them, and, before they are weaned, the fawns also need to be introduced to natural foods that they will find in the wild when they are released.

Thank you so much to the many generous Kenwood residents who let us come onto their property and gather greens for the fawns. You were all so open-hearted, kind and accommodating!


Matt Wolfe, Fawn Rescue Fawn Care Coordinator
Skye Davis, Fawn Rescue volunteer
Fawn Rescue, 931-4550

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