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Village Chat: 11/15/2018

Village Chat for Nov. 15, 2018

Last Sunday was Veteran's Day, Nov. 11, although many people celebrated it as a holiday on the 12th. We went to the Oakmont Veteran's and First Responders Appreciation Event at the Berger Center, where a packed house honored veterans from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as firefighters, sheriffs and emergency responders. We were impressed to see so many men stilling looking great in their uniforms!
pat kerrigan
KSRO Radio’s Pat Kerrigan
Congressman Mike Thompson made remarks, as did Supervisor and Oakmont resident Susan Gorin, Santa Rosa City Councilman Jack Tibbets, Kenwood Fire Chief Daren Bellach, and KSRO Radio host Pat Kerrigan. Gorin and Thompson both spoke eloquently about the need to end war, with Thompson quoting John F. Kennedy, “Mankind must put an end to war, before war puts an end to mankind.” Chief Bellach reminded us that “the new normal” with regard to wildfires is something we must adapt to. We need to make changes in how we live in fire-prone areas and how we live with fire. And Pat Kerrigan and Jack Tibbets both gave moving tributes to all the people who choose to go to work each day to keep the rest of us safe.

Veterans were honored at Kenwood Community Church
Veterans were honored at Kenwood Community Church. Standing, L to R: Al Thomas, Gil Gilbert, Bob Carrel, Bud Anderson, Roger Phelps, Don Green, Jack Weeks, John Froyd, Eric Furness, Bob Whipps, Dave Crockett, and Dave McCuan. Carrel and Anderson are both WWII veterans.

Veterans were also honored at the Kenwood Community Church and at St. Patrick's on Sunday morning. Thanks to you all!

Kenwood resident John Holman let us know that holiday lights are going up soon around the Kenwood Shopping Center, and he encourages all Kenwood businesses and residents to do the same. In fact, he'll be marching around like last year, trying to get others along the corridor to help make our town look really special. He'll also be giving out those “Good in the Wood” stickers (all the cool people have them on their cars!) If you need help putting up lights, you can contact John at 805-729-2964.

julie atwood
Julie Atwood
On Nov. 9, Julie Atwood was honored as the 2018 “Influential Woman Leader” by the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce. The award was presented at the 2018 Women in Leadership Luncheon at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn. The event focused on “Community and Connections,” with an emphasis on giving, and who epitomizes that more than Julie? Just one example - the Heritage Turkey Sunday Supper at Atwood Ranch on Nov. 4. As Julie herself said, “It was a blowout.” There were 310 guests, nine chefs, more than 30 purveyors, and local musicians, not to mention the kids and the turkeys. This was a fundraiser for 4-H and its Heritage Turkey Project, along with Slow Food Russian River. Julie is also the founder and driving force behind the HALTER Project (Horse and Livestock Team Emergency Response).

Virginie Boone, Bob Bales and Susan Reiter h
From left, Virginie Boone, Bob Bales and Susan Reiter at Kenwood School.
At last week's meeting of the Kenwood School District board of trustees, the school said goodbye to two retiring members, Susan Reiter and Virginie Boone, and welcomed new members Amy Vogler and Nate Lamar. Susan served for eight years and Gin for four, and Superintendent/Principal Bob Bales lauded both of them for adding “innovative and visionary programs for our children, while maintaining the tradition of community and excellence that we are all proud to be part of.” He went on to say, “As board members, your calm, thoughtful and caring manner in which you have guided our school during your tenure, is evident in the success and happiness of our children. On behalf of our students and staff, thank you for your outstanding and dedicated service to our school and community.”

Randy and Tim Blythe
Randy and Tim Blythe catching up on the local news while visiting Friday Harbor and cruising around the San Juan archipelago.

Here's a travel round-up.

In September Tim and Randy Blythe cruised around the beautiful San Juan Islands with Lynette and Scott Meredith on the Meredith's 35-foot trawler, the Meritage.

beth and rose
Rose Cardinale (left) and Beth Brannock hiking with Hogan and Modie in Las Cruces.
Beth Brannock and Rose Cardinale took a two-week road trip, starting in Tahoe for Rose's nephew's wedding, then to Las Vegas (where they spent no time in casinos, just walked the strip with their dogs, Hogan and Modie). Next they went to Flagstaff, Arizona, then Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they visited the home of Georgia O'Keefe, and Las Cruces for some hiking. The last stop was visiting Beth's sister Jan, just outside of Phoenix.

That's all I have room for. Thanks to everyone who sent in their news and photos. You can do it, too. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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