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Letters to the Editor: 12/15/2018

Letters to the Editor Dec. 15, 2018

Do something about Madrone Road speeding

Editor's note: this letter was sent to the Sonoma County Department of Transportation & Public Works.

I am writing again to re-report about the traffic issues on Madrone Road in Glen Ellen, which continue as they have before without any decrease in the number of infractions that occur every day in front of my home at 831 Madrone Road.

Two years ago, as you may recall, I did a survey of my neighbors and had over 250 signed petitions asking for something to be done about the speeding issue on Madrone Road between Sonoma Creek and Arnold Drive. I posted my own 25 MPH signs, wrote multiple letters to your department and at one point met with your traffic committee in Santa Rosa. Lip service is all that I received then and the traffic violations continue.

This is morally and ethically not right. I have done my own speed surveys with an official radar gun, as have others in Glen Ellen a few years ago, indicating that between 30 and 65 percent of the drivers on Madrone are driving in excess of 35 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, with some in excess of 55 MPH. This is dangerous, stupid and simply wrong.

The problem could potentially be reduced or eliminated with the following possibilities.

1. Increased numbers of 25 MPH signs. Currently, there are two, one heading west near the bridge and one heading east near the Madrone Road/Arnold Drive intersection.

2. Install a digital speed indicator similar to the one on Aqua Caliente. Having one in each direction would be best.

3. Install a stop sign at the T intersection of Marty Drive and Madrone Rd. This likely has the best possibility of stopping the problem right now.

When I discussed this with your department prior, you folks mentioned that you might increase the speed limit to 30MPH. Ok, if that is better than the 25 MPH sign, then why not do it. Why the delay? Frankly, I fail to see why increasing the speed limit to 30 MPH will solve the speeding problems anyway. It would just give drivers more leeway to speed.

I would appreciate a response to this letter. I would be happy to come to Santa Rosa again, any time, any place, and discuss this serious problem openly.

Jerry M. Owens
Glen Ellen

Church welcomes help with housing for pastor

Dear Editor,

Special thanks to Jay Gamel and the Kenwood Press team for the in-depth coverage and support for the launch of our capital campaign here at Kenwood Community Church. Our efforts to raise $500,000 for affordable housing on behalf of our next chapter and future ministers have generated some generous gifts already from both members of the congregation and the larger Sonoma Valley community. Thank you all.

We take considerable pride as a church in managing a balanced budget year after year. Approximately 90 percent of our annual income is derived from the giving of our congregational members while 10 percent comes from our Fourth of July pancake breakfast and silent auction... and the enthusiastic participation of the Kenwood community.

So, too, in our capital campaign, our first goal was to secure the 100 percent participation of our church leaders. That mission has just been accomplished and we now extend an invitation to the rest of the community to contribute to this historic cornerstone of Kenwood.

If you would like to explore further how you can help, please call directly either Dave Crockett, the chair of our pastoral housing campaign at 529-7856 or myself at 415-407-1410. Tax-deductible year-end donations of cash, appreciated securities and real estate will be gratefully received!

With deep appreciation and best holiday wishes to all,

Timothy Dorman
Moderator, Board of Trustees
Kenwood Community Church

Thankful for Glen Ellen Fire Department

Dear GEFD,

My husband Jean-Francois and I would like to thank you, the firefighters and board of directors, for your many years of service not only provided to my family for the past 19 years we have lived here, but also to so many in Glen Ellen! I have seen, first hand, the quick, efficient and effective response and outstanding help that we have received, from the time my youngest son had seizures, to the fires of last October, to the November garage fire (wow, quick response time, and quick action to contain it!) I also know that although my husband had always wanted to be a volunteer firefighter, the reality of volunteering his time in such a big and important way was not possible at the time for our young and growing family. I am so grateful for all the past volunteers, but know that model is not sustainable and I am happy that Measure T passed to help provide services that our little village is afforded. So a big and grateful thank you to you all!

Nicole Abaté Ducarroz
Glen Ellen

Support, encourage OVA board

Dear Editor,

The Oakmont Village Association's governance has been established much like our country. It functions as a representative democracy. Democratically, we elect our representatives to serve their two-year terms on the OVA's Board of Directors - making decisions on our behalf. Once elected by the majority of our village's voters, those Directors have earned and deserve our support.

The Oakmont Golf Club's properties are essential to the fabric of our village. Although we do not own the associated lands and buildings, the club's open spaces, beautiful vistas, recreational amenities and dining facilities bring great value to all of us as residents. If the OGC were to fail financially, we would likely lose these benefits; and Oakmont would change forever for the worse. Let's trust and allow the two organizations' boards to work together as they negotiate a sound financial partnership that ensures the long-term viability of both organizations and, thus, our entire village.

If residents disagree with the current OVA board's findings and decisions, then their recourse is to run in opposition in the next board election. Until then, we should all provide positive and encouraging support to those very hardworking, conscientious men and women while they toil as our representatives.

Sallie Wood

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