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Obituaries: 02/15/2019

Ian Hunter MacNair, 1989-2019


Ian Hunter MacNair came into the world on June 18, 1989. He spent his childhood in Kenwood, his front yard the Kenwood Plaza. Ian knew every tree and it was his special place. He attended Kenwood Elementary School from preschool through the sixth grade. It was here that he developed lifelong friendships.

Ian’s schooling continued at Slater Middle School, Maria Carrillo High School, and finished up at Bridges Boys Academy in Bend, Oregon.

Throughout his life Ian had challenges, which he navigated with the help of his friends from those early years. As he matured, he became a loyal employee to a number of heavy equipment companies. His love for these big machines started with the construction of the Kenwood Plaza Park when he was a very young boy.

After high school Ian spent a summer working as a cook in Glacier National Park. After Glacier he moved to Boise, Idaho, with his best friend, Austin Campbell, for about six months. Returning to Sonoma County, he worked for the Hanford Company as a laborer and an operator-in-training. After that he came on board at Les Peterson Drilling and Pump. Ian was interested in all things mechanical. He would talk endlessly about what he was doing and how he could improve the way things worked. He worked as an operator with the John Benward Company and he got really good with a backhoe, a job he loved. It was here that he forged a deep and meaningful friendship with John Benward.

Eventually wanting something more, he became a member of the UA Local 38, Plumbers and Pipefitters, working for City Mechanical. Ian was an apprentice in the field of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning. It was a good fit and he excelled in the art and craft of HVAC.

When Ian met Kyle, he found someone he loved. In March 2016, they became the proud parents of Hunter Dunlop MacNair. As a new father, Ian was ecstatic and he embraced this new role completely. There was nothing in his life that gave Ian more joy than Hunter.

Ian loved his friends and family, he was kind, and he wanted to help anyone in need. He loved to cook, create and play music. He loved the outdoors, spending time with his friends. He always was there for his friends and he found joy and adventure in any task that came his way. He was a “social chameleon,” able to insert himself into social situations with relative ease. His friends were amazed at how quickly he was able to read people. He had a brilliant mind and was able to see the world, and the people in it, in ways that others might not have. He was widely known for his big heart. An avid reader of a variety of subjects, from medicine to military, he could barely contain his curious mind.

Ian loved watching the Warriors and was a football fan, mainly the Niners. He loved food and had a great fondness for food trucks. He once proclaimed on social media that he had gotten married to a food truck. That was Ian.

He loved cats, dogs and children. For his nieces and nephews, Uncle Ian was a walking jungle gym. He was a gentle giant and the kids loved crawling all over him. Ian shared a special relationship with his Grandfather, James MacNair. His passing in 2016 was a great loss.

Ian struggled with substance abuse. This was an on-going battle, with moments and periods of the worst, and periods of sobriety – clear, loving and happy. Ultimately, the disease conquered him and he died from a drug overdose. A sad and devasting thing, because Ian had plans and he desperately wanted to be a good father.

ian and hunter

He leaves behind his father and stepmother, Don and Amy MacNair, his mother Louise Bouton, his son Hunter and Hunter’s mother Kyle Kergan Dunlop. Grandparents Peggy and Fred Hodge, and Dan and Flo Hoffenberg. Ian’s siblings Juliana Bagala, Vinny (Stefanie) Bagala, Scott (Tiffany) Bagala. His uncles and aunts Dan and LeeAnne Parks, Jim and Kristy MacNair, Mark and Janet Hoffenberg, Margie Bouton, Cathy Bouton, Lynn Bouton, Cathy Smith, Lynn (Tim) Killops. His cousins Hunter MacNair, Cameron MacNair, Dana Hoffenberg, Alex Naddor, Clint Baier, Steven Edgar, Cori Edgar, Cayreen Smith, Danny Killops, Ben Killops. Second Family were John and Sue Campbell, Sarah Phelps, and Austin Campbell.

There will be a celebration of Ian’s life later in the spring, in Kenwood Plaza Park.

A trust fund is being created for Hunter which will be exclusively for Hunter’s long-term welfare and educational needs. To make a contribution please go to:

If you would rather contribute to a non-profit, please consider a donation in Ian’s name to Social Advocates for Youth:

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