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News: 03/01/2019

Sheriff’s Dept. warns of latest scam going around

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department is telling the public to be wary of a recent telephone scam regarding a kidnapping hoax.

There have been recent incidents where residents have received a call from a phone number in Mexico. In one case, there was a girl on the other line saying, something to the effect of, “Mom, this man needs to talk to you.”

The scammer gets on the phone, stating it’s the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and her daughter had been in a bad car accident. When the victim doesn’t believe him, the scammer makes threats saying he’s kidnapped the victim’s daughter while the “daughter” is screaming in the background.

In a recent case, the scammer got the victim to head to the bank to withdraw money, but she was able to reach her daughter before she made the mistake of giving anything to the scammer. This was a very long, drawn-out ordeal for this family that went on over the course of eight hours.

The Sheriff’s Department wants you to know that this scam is going around. If you get a call like this, it is highly likely to be a hoax, even if the scammer might happen to know the name of a family member.

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