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Letters to the Editor: 04/01/2019

Letters to the Editor April 1, 2019

Please behave at the laundromat

Dear Editor,

On the morning of March 18, a strange man entered the Glen Ellen laundromat at 5:30 a.m. He proceeded to disrobe and do his laundry and bathe in the sink. He then went through the trash cans gleaning whatever he found to his liking. He absconded with the yellow towels that belonged to the local bakery.

He then proceeded to wash his Ford Explorer with soap and water from the laundromat, and dry it with the yellow towels from the bakery. He was on video from 5:30 a.m. till 8:30 a.m.

We watched the video in wide-eyed wonder. There are many people who are less fortunate than us. Nobody wanted to press legal charges; that would further complicate the individual's life, or create a greater burden on the judicial system.

The Glen Ellen laundromat is an asset to the community. The people of our Village would greatly appreciate it if people did not take things that do not belong to them, and would not use the laundromat for purposes other than its original intentions. Thank you all for your kindness and your patience.

Eric Heine
Glen Ellen

OVA should avoid any financial support for golf club

Dear Editor,

Oakmont Village Association (OVA), if engaging in any kind of financial support to Oakmont Golf Course (OGC), will encumber this community and its residents for decades, prevent or further delay the necessary repairs and maintenance of our existing facilities, and tie us to keeping a dying entity on life support. If a developer buys the land and houses result, that will be better than weighing down the current residents, who didn't buy here to live out the rest of their days expecting to pay for two golf courses.

OGC, which has struggled financially for at least the last decade, has only approximately 260 members, some of whom are not even Oakmont residents. It is wrong to expect 4,600 non-OGC members/Oakmont residents to carry their burden so they can continue their sport. There is nothing in the future of golf within Oakmont, based upon the data from National Golf Foundation, that indicates that we can expect improved financial performance from the golf courses. NGF's data say growth will come from millennials, people of color and women, groups which we do not see flocking to the OGC senior community golf courses, nor can we expect to attract. Further, other industry analyses predict that golf courses within “aging senior communities” are the most likely to fail.

The Oakmont Board of Directors must look beyond their own individual biases (former real estate agent, former and current members of the golf club, residents who live on the course) and stay away from making a disastrous decision to fund OGC in any way. Otherwise, the risk of steeply increased costs for residents, including assessments, dues, insurance claims and litigation, will make Oakmont a much less desirable community in which to purchase a home and will decrease property values.

Julie Cade

SDC bad choice for SWAT exercise

Dear Editor,

I want to share with you the horrible events last Sunday when Glen Ellen was woken up at 9 a.m. by low-flying airplanes and helicopters over our village. I thought the police were after someone but it turned out that they actually used the Eldridge campus for their [SWAT] exercise location, which is absolutely appalling!

We have suffered enough with the fires; we do not need now to have war exercise on a Sunday and in our community. It does affect everyone's health, animal world and nature included.

I never want to see this kind of operation again, which should be run away from communities, and I would really like to know who authorized this.

Yannick Ponte
Glen Ellen

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