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News: 12/15/2019

Local nonprofit wish list

Looking to give a little extra this year? The Kenwood Press reached out to local north valley nonprofits to see if they needed anything special. Here are some of the things on their wish lists:

Team Sugarloaf

Managing Sugarloaf State Park in partnership with California State Parks. (, 833-5712)

• A 4-wheel-drive ATV/UTV for accessing the backcountry (especially in the wintertime). New or used.

Jack London Park Partners

Managing Jack London State Historic Park in partnership with California State Parks. (, 938-5216)

• An air conditioning unit for the entry kiosk to the park to keep volunteer attendants cool during the hot summer months

• A water cooler (with heated water) to reduce the number of plastic water bottles used by staff and volunteers

• A small refrigerator to store refreshments for community events. This would allow the park to buy in bulk and save money.

• A standard hand truck to move heavy boxes from the basement to the upper floor where events take place

• Three-by-six-feet banquet tables that fold in half so that they can be carried to outdoor events in the park

Contact Susan St. Marie at 938-5216, ext. 102, or

Audubon Canyon Ranch

Managing Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen (, 938-4554)

• DeWalt compound miter saw

• Corona pole saw

• Large tool box

• Medium tool box

• Box scraper for the preserve’s Kubota tractor (high ticket item, greatly needed)

Contact Preserve Manager Nancy Trbovich at

Marine Conservation Institute

Dedicated to securing permanent, strong protection for the oceans’ most important places. (, 14301 Arnold Dr. in Glen Ellen, 531-4791)

Anything to reuse, recycle, and reduce will help:

• Fix your old car instead of buying a new one.

• Reduce driving. One rarely considered but damaging side effect of driving is the pollution created by little bits of rubber left on the roadway that inevitably wash down into water sources.

• If you choose to eat seafood, pay attention to where it’s sourced. Buy American because America has stricter enforcement of catch limits and by-catch than many other countries. To make sure you’re buying fish that are caught sustainably, use apps like Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

• Get rid of single-use plastic. (Stainless steel straws make great stocking stuffers.)

• Support the Conservation Institute at (Patagonia will match all donations for the month of December).

Glen Ellen Historical Society

Encouraging the participation of the people in the community to research, disseminate, preserve and celebrate the history of Glen Ellen. (

• Funds to complete campaign to rename the steel truss bridge at the north entrance to the former Sonoma Developmental Center.

The county is ready to put up the signs renaming it for Jim Berkland, who was instrumental in preserving this historic bridge. The Glen Ellen Historical society has collected $940 of the $2,200 the county is requesting to place the signage on the bridge. This leaves a balance of $1,260 still needed.

Send a check to Glen Ellen Historical Society, P.O. Box 35, Glen Ellen California, 95442. Designate “Jim Berkland Bridge Fund.”

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