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North Valley Municipal Advisory Council moving along

North Valley Municipal Advisory Council moving along

Getting a North Valley Municipal Advisory Council (NVMAC) staffed and operating has been a slow process, what with so many people jostling to be appointed to the Sonoma Developmental Center Planning Advisory Team (PAT), getting the Springs MAC staffed and running, and the March Primary Election diverting a lot of attention away from local affairs. (First District Supervisor Susan Gorin won a third term as district supervisor on March 3. See this story.

But now, with 10 applicants on hand, Gorin’s staff is ready to energize the new advisory body.

“Homelessness and coronavirus emergencies are also keeping us busy,” Arielle Kubu-Jones said, “but we will have an update soon.” Kubu-Jones is a field representative for Supervisor Gorin.

Municipal advisory groups have been used for decades throughout California to funnel information to supervisors from unincorporated areas and to help identify local projects needing funding.

Gorin has stated that the NVMAC will help keep her informed of local issues and aid in directing county resources.

The NVMAC will have seven members representing business, residential and agricultural interests in Kenwood, Glen Ellen and surrounding areas, all appointed by the supervisor.

Operating rules for the NVMAC were prepared earlier this year in hopes of having the group operating by February. The bylaws call for the MAC to prioritize transportation, transit, traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian improvements; health and human safety-net services, including homelessness and housing; community projects such as art, clean ups and vegetation planting; fire services and community preparedness; and additional topics as requested by the supervisor.

Once formed, the Council will set regular public meetings and make annual reports to the entire Board of Supervisors.

You can learn more about the NVMAC at

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