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News: 05/01/2020

Help SDC get a museum and historic status

Possible home for museum.

A fundraising effort has kicked off to raise funds for a potential historical library/museum on the grounds of the now shuttered Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC).

In addition, funds are needed to pursue placing the campus on the National Register of Historic Places. The Glen Ellen Historical Society (GEHS) is working with the Sonoma Land Trust to establish an historical district, involving several of the buildings and landscape features.

The goal would be to lease one of the buildings to house a regional museum and research library for the purpose of preserving, studying, and presenting the history of this part of Sonoma Valley.

Many artifacts and a large library accumulated over the 100 years of SDCís existence would be available to the public. Also envisioned are rooms for extensive archives and conference rooms that could be shared with the community.

Future uses for the entire 945-acre state-owned SDC properties are being discussed by a recently formed Planning Advisory Team (PAT), that will provide technical expertise and help with public outreach as the county undertakes what is anticipated to be a two-year process that is expected to transfer to Sonoma County jurisdiction and oversight once a development plan is accepted by the state.

If you would like to make a donation to help in the efforts of creating a library/museum, and help place SDC on the National Register of Historic Places, go to, or go to the Glen Ellen Historical Societyís Facebook page.

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