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News: 06/15/2020

Defensible Space inspections getting underway

See if you are on the list this year

Property owners are required to keep properties in compliance with Sonoma Countys Fire Safety Ordinance including Chapter 13A.

Inspectors from Sonoma County and local Fire Districts inspect properties for compliance. Selected properties zoned for 5 acres or less in size that are not within city limits (improved and unimproved) are part of the inspection program. Critical to protect homes from wildfire, defensible space includes a lean, clean and green zone 30 feet (or to the property line) from buildings, and a reduced fuels zone, which can have more natural vegetation, from 30 feet to 100 feet (or to the property line) from structures.

What to Expect When Were Inspecting

Vegetation management (defensible space) inspections will be carried out through a partnership between the Permit Sonoma Fire Prevention Division in collaboration with local fire protection districts.

Currently, inspections are carried out in selected areas. Notification of upcoming inspections and explanation of defensible space requirements will be mailed to the owner of record before inspections begin. We may also inspect a property to follow up on resident complaints. Owners and/or residents will be notified in writing of any violations and the corrective actions necessary to bring the property into compliance.

If, following reinspection, your parcel is determined to be out of compliance, violations can be abated by the County. Costs, fees and penalties, if unpaid, may be placed as a lien on the property. However, we hope that residents will view the inspection as an opportunity to learn about wildfire risks and how you might reduce risks while coming into compliance with defensible space regulations.

You can look at a map here.

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