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News: 10/01/2020

Election ballots mailed out Oct. 5

Ballot box in front of Kenwood Firehouse is ready for your vote.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all registered voters will receive a mail ballot in early October for the November election. The Sonoma County Registrar of Voters is mailing the ballots out on Oct. 5.

You can drop off the ballot that was mailed at any of 30 in-person locations, or choose to vote a ballot that is issued at an in-person location. And anyone can go to any one of the locations. If you chose to vote in-person, as opposed to drop off, Registrar workers will look you up in their system, verify that you have not already cast a vote, void any ballots already issued or mailed to you, and issue and print you a new ballot.

In Sonoma Valley and nearby communities, in-person locations include:

  • Berger Center in Oakmont, 310 White Oak Dr.
  • Moose Lodge in Sonoma, 20580 Broadway.
  • Finnish American Home Association, 197 W. Verano Ave., Sonoma.
  • Sonoma Veterans Memorial Building, 126 First Street West, Sonoma.
  • Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Kraft Hall, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa.
  • For a complete list of locations, go to:
  • In-person voting locations will be open a minimum of eight hours a day on Saturday, Oct. 31, Sunday, Nov. 1, and Monday, Nov. 2, and will be open on election day, Nov. 3, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Secure ballot drop box locations (there are 20) will be open by Oct. 6, and open through election day, Nov. 3. Nearby locations include:

  • Glen Ellen Fire Station, 13445 Arnold Dr., Glen Ellen.
  • Kenwood Fire Station, 9045 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood.
  • Rincon Valley Library, 6959 Montecito Blvd., Santa Rosa.
  • Sonoma Valley Regional Library, 755 West Napa St., Sonoma.
For a full list, go to:

Do you want to sign up to vote, or update your information? Go to

Do you want to check your voter status? Go to

Do you want to sign up to track your ballot? Go to

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