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News: 10/15/2020

New operator at Oakmont golf courses

Golf at Oakmont formally entered a new era this month under a 10-year lease agreement between the Oakmont Village Association (OVA) and CourseCo, the Petaluma-based company that has been managing Oakmont’s courses since July.

The agreement replaces the current management contract with CourseCo, who stepped in immediately when Advance Golf Partners (AGP) vacated their lease after some five months.

CourseCo agrees to spend $1 million in capital improvements over the first three years, including course and facility renovations and equipment for what they have named the Valley of the Moon Club. They also will reimburse, through discounted services, golfers who have outstanding credit remaining from AGP’s short operating tenure. New memberships will be offered next month.

Despite some setbacks during the week-long fire evacuation, the new operators say they are moving ahead with restoring and improving golf and dining activities.

“We are extremely excited about the future,” said Mike Sharp, president and CEO of CourseCo, which began a lease operation of the golf facilities on Oct. 1. “We look forward to quickly seeing some changes, some enhancements and some improvements. And hopefully soon returning to a robust, vibrant facility with lots of activity.”

Sharp spoke at an online town hall meeting on Oct. 6 where some 50 participants viewed the 90-minute discussion. The club’s two golf courses reopened the same day after being closed during the evacuation.

Sharp said CourseCo has ordered $200,000 worth of new equipment as part of a planned $1 million investment of its own money. Renovation work on the club restaurant is expected to be completed by the end of October, but any opening will be delayed by restrictions imposed under Santa Rosa’s COVID-19 regulations. It is still unclear under what conditions non-golfer residents will be allowed to walk on the courses.

CourseCo operates, either via lease agreement or management contract, 38 other golf clubs, many in California and the Bay Area, including the Foxtail 36-hole golf club in Rohnert Park.

“The remarkable turnaround they engineered, at significant expense, at the Foxtail testifies to CourseCo’s long-term dedication to its projects,“ said OVA board president Steve Spanier.


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