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Letters to the Editor: 03/01/2011

KFA Crab Feed a big success

Dear Editor,

The Kenwood Firemenís Association would like to thank everyone who came out and supported our 4th Annual Crab Feed. This year was a huge success. Funds from this yearís Crab Feed will help purchase emergency equipment for our community.

Thank you to everyone who donated this year. We could never have done it without you:

Roseannís Haircutting, Maryís Pizza Shack, Kenwood Market, Caf Citti, Darryl & Susan Bellach, Clawson Family, Friedmanís Home Improvement, Kaz Winery, St. Francis Winery, Marshallís Machine Shop, Landmark Vineyards, Ledson Winery, B.R. Cohn Winery, Oakmont Golf Club, Massage Envy, MacLeod Family Vineyard, Cline Winery, Dee Sand, Kenwood Inn & Spa, Vintage Aircraft Co., MacArthur Place, Kunde Estate Winery, Chateau St. Jean Winery, Valley of the Moon Winery, PowerGlide, Paradise Ridge Winery, Kenwood Vineyards, Joan Dinner, Beltane Ranch, Lauren Alexander, Vineyards Inn, and Doug Del Fava.

Daren Bellach
Kenwood Fire Dept.

Letís lead by example

Dear Editor,

We have a war on terrorism, unrest all over the Mideast, and Washington, DC, is more divided than ever. The whole climate in the world and in our country is very negative and emotionally charged.

On top of that, some of us are experiencing illness or death in the family, or perhaps you might be dealing with unemployment or some unpleasant financial situation. As I see it, that only means it is a time to be hyper-aware of keeping our actions and words as kind and civil as possible.

What we do in our own lives can drastically effect our own outlook and the tone of our community. We can consciously choose to treat our neighbors with respect. Iím sure weíve all formed a negative opinion about someone we really donít know. Imagine how freeing it would be to clean the slate and open our hearts to all in our community. Imagine the tone about town as one of gratefulness, generosity and paying it forward. This is a reminder that civility starts here, at home. How we treat those in our community has a direct bearing on changing the tone of society. Also, our schools, Kenwood and Dunbar, are the backbone of our community. Isnít it even more important for our youth to see us lead by example?

I ask all of us in this beautiful community to start at home and stay conscious of treating our neighbors with kindness. Our world might depend on it.

Janis Jennings Snyder

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