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Letters to the Editor: 05/01/2012

Letters to the Editor

A vote for Cuclis

Dear Editor,

On the evening of April 5, I attended a forum for the candidates for District 1 Supervisor. The citizens of Sonoma County should be proud of the great group of public-spirited people we have to choose from.

However, Gina Cuclis was the one that stood out. Her passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge make her the best candidate to represent us. I think a lot of people agree with me, because she has been endorsed by more citizens of the 1st district than anyone else running.

Michael Acker
Boyes Hot Springs

A vote for Gorin

Dear Editors:

As you know, a very important First District Supervisorial Campaign is in progress. I urge everyone to become informed and vote.

As a past Board of Director of Oakmont, I became familiar with many government officials in the course of discussions with them regarding issues that affect Oakmont. During my tenure in office, we had many issues that required communication with the Santa Rosa City Council, some of which were the Elnoka development, the bicycle path into Annadel and the golf course water resolution issue.

I became extremely impressed with the level of access to Susan Gorin. There were several occasions that required a phone call or fax to her. Always, my calls were returned in a very timely manner. Susan is interested in our issues and works hard to achieve resolution. It is a pleasure to work with her.

I believe that it is imperative that we elect a Supervisor who already has hands-on experience working with the public and government agencies. Susan has working relationships with the current members of the Board of Supervisors and the County Department Heads. She works with them often. Susan Gorin will be able to work on our behalf beginning her first day in office.

Sonoma County is in need of the credentials Susan Gorin brings and her dedication to resolving our major issues, such as pension reform, road repair, and future development of our beloved Valley. Our First District Supervisor not only votes on our Valley issues, but also on all other County-wide issues.

In summary, I strongly recommend Susan Gorin for Supervisor. We are fortunate to have such a qualified, accessible and knowledgeable candidate.

Please vote.
Kathleen Connelly

Supports Cuclis

Dear Editor,

After attending the 1st District Candidates Forum on April 5, I am surprised at the poor press coverage for this important election. Much of the coverage has painted all candidates alike. In fact the most interesting parts of the Forum were not reported at all!

I was shocked when Susan Gorin said she “does not believe in global warming” but only believes in “climate change.” This was not reported in any newspaper coverage. I did appreciate the fact that Kenwood Press was the only newspaper to mention Gorin’s recent move into the district in order to run here. Why the Sierra Club would endorse her is beyond me!

Joanne Sanders got very confrontational and called out discrepancies in both Gorin’s and John Sawyer’s positions and their voting records. Why wasn’t that reported?

From everything I have heard, the best candidate is Gina Cuclis, who lives, and raised her family, in the Valley. Unlike the others, she has attended Board of Supervisors’ meetings for the last two years to prepare for this office. She has earned the most support, endorsements and contributions from people who live, work and vote in this district. That hasn’t been reported either! Gina Cuclis is savvy and level headed, and can count on my support!

Debra Costner

Support for Kennels

To our neighbors who worry that expansion of The Meadows Kennels is going to be nothing but a noisy aggravation, I urge you to look deeper into your hearts on behalf of your other neighbors. When a person goes to the hospital suddenly, leaving a beloved pet behind all alone, the best chance for that pet’s care is often the kennels where relatives or friends will take it until their companion returns.

The Meadow Kennels would gladly care for your dog if some misfortune should befall you. Why would you begrudge that service to one of your neighbors, even if you did not know them personally? Just because you were annoyed now and then by some barking?

The Meadows Kennels is in fact a more natural place for temporary care for dogs than many others, including veterinary offices, because the dogs can have fresh air, space to run and chance to socialize in a healthy way there. Do you think it would be kinder to lock them up for days in a small cage, or worse, leave them all alone?

Please allow others the opportunity to get good care for their dogs when they cannot be there.

Diana Rae

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