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Sunday Symposiums

The Oakmont Sunday Symposium provides a forum for speakers on diverse topics such as science, history, politics, culture and current events. Attendance at the Sunday presentations is intended for Oakmont residents and their invited guests. Symposiums take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the East Rec Center, 7902 Oakmont Dr.

Nov. 3 - “The contested fame of Jack London”

Why is Jack London so famous? Is his fame deserved or not? These are some of the questions that will be addressed by one of our Oakmont neighbors, Dr. Susan Nuernberg, a past president of the Jack London Society. She will discuss both widely-held and disputed notions regarding London's life and works.

Nuernberg was named “Jack London Woman of the Year” in 1995 by the Jack London Foundation. She recently wrote an article on London's novel, The Valley of the Moon, for inclusion in a new Oxford University Press book on London.

Nov. 10 - “Ecological handprints: lifting humanity, lowering our footprint”

The Ecological Footprint represents an accounting of our escalating demands on global ecosystems. Nevertheless, the Footprint is limited because it is not designed to include the related conditions of human development, such as poverty, literacy, access to education, and other aspects of human rights and social justice. In contrast, the Ecological Handprint expands on the Footprint by bringing together the interrelated goals of sustaining the biological integrity of the planet and insuring sustenance for those in need.

Sonoma State Professor Rocky Rohwedder will describe how the Ecological Handprint underscores that problems related to human well-being and those related to nature's well-being are inextricable. Rohwedder's current research and writing focuses on “Ecological Handprints: Lifting Humanity While Lowering Our Footprint,” which is also the title of his recent TED talk.

Symposium Board Membership

The Sunday Symposium is looking for Oakmont residents who would like to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. There is important work needed in developing programs, publicity, and information technology, which keep the Symposium's 35-week annual season going. If interested in serving on the Board, or for other information about the Oakmont Sunday Symposium and its past and future programs, go to

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