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Publishers' Corner: 02/15/2014

Words of water wisdom

If you’ve lived in California any time within the last four decades or so, drought is not a foreign concept and neither is water conservation. Over the years we’ve seen the introduction of things like drip irrigation, drought tolerant plants, low-flush toilets, water efficient washers, flow restrictors on shower heads, automatic faucets in commercial restrooms, etc. It’s been hammered into us not to waste water.

So when we are asked by Governor Jerry Brown and our local pooh-bahs to try and conserve 20 percent more, we were wondering, “How much more can we do?” But, there are always other things, so we came up with a few.

Our two dogs already like to take first crack as we load the dishwasher. Why not let them take care of the whole chore? Call it pushing the “Dog Cycle” button (first take out any sharp knives). We assure you that Kona and Dolly are very thorough, but we understand if you don’t want to come over for dinner until we get more rain.

Everyone’s heard that we should drink eight glasses of water a day. Just replace that with beer or some other bottled or canned beverage. What’s worse, running out of water, or obesity? Your choice, California.

Wear gloves all the time, thus making it unnecessary to wash your hands during the day. Just remember, please, please, never take off the gloves.

Let’s embrace the drought with a public relations campaign to make us all feel better about our situation. T-shirts, bumper stickers, posters, radio and TV spots, all pushing, “Brown is the New Green,” or “Californians Don’t Eschew Ecru” or “Ochre – Okay!” So when we look up at our brown hills or down at our dry streambeds, we won’t feel so bad. When it is clear for three weeks straight, we won’t feel guilty about enjoying the blue sky. “Fight Blue Sky Depression” could be another slogan.

In the words of Governor Brown, “We can’t make it rain.” So we better think of something else.

If you would like to do some more serious reading about water conservation, go to the State of California’s Save Our Water site, If you would rather take our advice, then re-read this column, but don’t rinse.

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