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Village Chat: 05/01/2014

Village Chat

On April 11, Tyson Berg threw out the first pitch at a Giants vs. Rockies game. The Giants won 6-5.
Tyson Berg is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, and on April 11 he got to do what a lot of us would love to do - throw out the first pitch at a Giants game. Tyson was selected on behalf of Hanwha Solar and QCells, the Giants' solar sponsor, because of his commitment to the solar industry. Tyson said, “On behalf of my company, Rexel Inc., I gladly accepted the honor in hopes that it would help encourage people to look at solar as an everlasting energy source. The sun does seem to keep coming up everyday.” So true; congratulations, Tyson!

On Easter Sunday, April 20, 13-year-old Larkin Dawson encountered a mountain lion in the Sonoma Regional Park in Glen Ellen. He was walking on the asphalt path between Hwy. 12 and Arnold Drive, headed toward Glen Ellen, when he sensed that he was being followed or tracked by something up the hill. He thought it was a mountain lion, but wasn't completely sure, until he saw it on the ridge above, looking down at him and paralleling his moves. At that point Larkin stopped walking and started yelling and trying to make his 100-pound self look bigger. It obviously worked, because after a few moments the cat turned and went off in the other direction. Whew! Larkin's father, Arthur Dawson said, “I am very proud of Larkin and of course glad that everything turned out OK. I'm also glad that we have lions in this area - the fact that Larkin who is only 5'2” and 100 pounds can turn one away shows that they're not a big danger, as long as we act intelligently.” So let's remember the lesson. Don't run. Make yourself look as big as possible. If you have a jacket, pull it up over your head so you look taller, and shout as loud as you can.

Photo taken at Punta Tumbo, Argentina, a penguin colony with over 1,000,000 penguins. Pictured from left: Gary Rosenberg, Marchelle Carleton, Curt Carleton, Barbara Adams, Sharon Cohn, Judy (from Kansas City), RebeccaRosenberg, Marissa Rosenberg, Tasha Cohn.
In March, Gary and Rebecca Rosenberg, their daughter Marissa, Marchelle and Kurt Carleton, Marchelle's mom Barbara Adams, and Sharon Cohn and her daughter Tasha went on a 14-day cruise from Buenos Aires around Cape Horn to Valparaiso, Chile. Here's Gary's take on the trip: “Best beef and lamb - Punta del Este, Uruguay. Best wine - Argentina. Best wineries - Casablanca Valley, Chile (because it looks just like Sonoma). Most unforgettable spot - Ushuaia, Argentina. Most unexpectedly great city - Santiago, Chile. Great architecture, very modern, vibrant.” I want to vacation with those guys!

Here are a few Kenwood School items:

There will be an “Instrument Drive” in Montgomery Village in Santa Rosa on May 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., to collect musical instruments for the Wells Fargo Center's Music for Schools program. The program maintains an instrument lending library to share with children in the community who might not otherwise have access to musical instruction. Music For Schools is the only instrument lending library in the North Bay, and one of the few in the nation. Of course there will be musical entertainment throughout the day, including the Kenwood School Choir at 1 p.m. Monetary donations are also welcome, and if you can't make it to Montgomery Village, contact Chrystie Prokopakis at 707-800-7504.

Kenwood School Superintendent/Principal Bob Bales took part in a fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at La Rosa Tequileria & Grille in Santa Rosa on April 24. He was one of the jail birds who needed to be “baled out” (Get it?) So far he has raised $450, with a goal of $1,600. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, go to

Mr Austin and Mrs. Biller make stone soup at Kenwood School.
On April 10, under the direction of Librarian Katy Biller and school chef Mr. Austin, the children at Kenwood School made stone soup. By reading the book Stone Soup, the kids learned how a community can share, cooperate, and create a delicious meal for everyone. And that's exactly what they did. The children brought in veggies, Mrs. Biller and Mr. Austin chopped them up, and the pot simmered all morning. The end result was that they all had a tasty and nutritious bowl of soup for lunch.

We just happened to go to the Garden Court Café for breakfast on Sunday, April 27, and it turned out to be Dine and Donate weekend for Kenwood School. Café owners Rosemarie and Nick Ramponi have done this for the last three years. Rosemarie estimates that they had around 70 diners who brought in the flyer, and they will donate 20 percent of those purchases. She hadn't totaled up everything when I spoke to her, but she estimates it will be around $500 for Kenwood School. Thanks, Rosemarie and Nick!

Graduation season is upon us, and we want to hear all about it! Please send in your college or high school graduation news, including photos if you like (you don't need the KP in them!) Let us know what your plans are. We'll publish college news as it comes in, and the high school graduation info in our June 15 issue. It's easy to do, just email, stop by the office, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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