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Publishers' Corner: 05/15/2014

Office break

We’re a small office, four people maximum at any given time. We all get along and, like any other group of employees, we tend to wander off from the task at hand sometimes. On occasion, we’ll turn on the Giants game or some other sports event.

The other day we engaged in the guilty pleasure of watching live streaming video of the Board of Supervisors meeting when Efren Carrillo was taken to the woodshed by his fellow supervisors for his disturbing behavior last July. All four supervisors and a majority of the general public excoriated Carrillo, but we think he summed it up best in his now-infamous courtroom testimony, “In retrospect, I should have had my pants on.” Words to live by, indeed.

Other office diversions are more mundane, like figuring out who’s hoarding all the red pens, or where the scotch tape ended up.

Sometimes we take guesses as to what exactly that food substance in the refrigerator is. (The winner doesn’t have to touch it.) Sometimes we try to estimate when the dog living at the house behind the office will stop barking. (Answer: never.) A new diversion for the work-averse is the bean bag game set up in the courtyard by the new restaurant, Palooza Gastropub. It’s right outside our door. Tired of staring at that screen? Just step outside for a few rounds (of bean bags, not beer, although they offer that, too.)

And our favorite parlor game is sitting around talking about what to put in Publishers’ Corner. See, this is what you get.

The year is speeding along and here we are already in mid-May. Schools are about to let out and graduation season is in full-swing. The next thing you know, it’ll be the 4th of July, and you know what that means – the Kenwood Hometown 4th of July Parade. It’s time to start thinking about your parade entry. The possibilities are endless, and the only requirement is that whatever you do, you give it a patriotic spin. You can walk, ride, roll, or drive. Organizers would especially love to have any WWII veterans in the parade, so if you are a WWII veteran, or you know one, please sign up. For more information and to download a parade entry form, go to

And this year, after the parade, stick around for a community picnic in Plaza Park, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood. There will be live music by the Tommy Thomsen Band, food and beverages for sale, a pie-eating contest, and games for kids. So mark your calendar and plan on spending the 4th of July in Kenwood for a classic small-town celebration.

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