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Village Chat: 05/15/2014

Village Chat

Bob Wagner at the U.S. Open.
Former Glen Ellen veterinarian Bob Wagner and his wife Pam moved to Pinehurst, North Carolina, last year, and recently sent in a photo of Dr. Bob at Pinehurst #2 before the U.S. Open. Pam is an equestrian and Bob loves to play golf and race cars, so NC is a good fit for them. Pam writes, “Things are going very well here and Pinehurst is everything and more than we had expected. The golf is, of course, over the moon. We are both participating in the work involved in putting on the U.S. Opens...both the men's and the women's. Everyone here is so friendly, especially our neighbors. The transition has been effortless. Dr. Bob had a total knee replacement in January, and was back on the golf course in six weeks. Amazing. Horses here are also in the realm of world class. There are many Olympic riders in the area, willingly offering their time and energy to support the sport. All in all, a perfect location for the two of us!!!” Glad to hear it, but we still miss you!

Being dedicated to any sport takes a commitment of both time and money, and Glen Ellen and Sonoma dancers Angelica Griggs-Demmin, Isabel Falls, Elizabeth Eagles, Natalie Anderson, and Anika Ljung, have experienced first hand the financial commitment required. To make it a little easier for others, the girls founded a non-profit, En l'Air, to try to increase the availability and affordability of dance. On their website they state, “Dance is a year-round activity that provides a safe environment for after-school exercise, expression, and enjoyment. We support those who are aspiring professional dancers, as well as those who are dancing as an after-school hobby.” Monies raised go to help young people in dance classes in Sonoma with things like tuition, ballet shoes and leotards. To learn more, go to

Melanie Dodson
Congratulations to Melanie Dodson who was recently selected by the North Bay Business Journal (NBBJ) to be honored in their “40 under 40” business leaders. Melanie grew up in Kenwood, and her proud mom Mary Dodson is the site supervisor at Kenwood Preschool. Melanie works at Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Sonoma County. Winners, selected by NBBJ from more than 120 nominations, were chosen on the basis of their leadership in companies and organizations as well as their participation within the communities across the North Bay. Melanie and the others were recognized and toasted at a reception on April 30 at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa.

Lori, Jake and Jamie Fantozzi at UoP.
And congratulations to Jake Fantozzi who was graduated from University of the Pacific last Saturday, May 10. Jake started out in Kenwood with mom and dad Lori and Jamie, and sister Hannah, until they moved to Bangkok, Thailand, around sixth grade. Jake has a BS in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management, and will be moving to Canada this summer to work for TransCanada in British Columbia, working on the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project in northern BC. Besides his parents, Jake's grandmother Linda Hohmann, Grandpa and Grandma Jon and Sandra Francis, and grandmother Marian Kirby all attended the ceremonies.

Catherine (formerly Moylan) and Dave Jefferson are back from a five-week trip to South Africa where Dave has vineyard properties. While there, Catherine emailed, “I have been reading a book called An Arid Eden about Namibia. Particularly about the area that we are visiting. The author is Garth Owen-Smith. He is originally from South Africa, and about 70 years old. He has been working on saving the wild animals here for about 40 years.” They heard about Garth through members of a Rotary Club which Catherine contacted in Swakopmund (she is a member of the Glen Ellen-Kenwood Rotary Club). According to Catherine, “We drove a couple of hours out of our way and he offered to let us visit him...with no idea whatsoever who we were! We spent about 45 minutes with him...the three of us, Dave, me and our 27-year-old guide Richie. Then he loaded us in his Land Rover to see if the rhino he saw a few hours earlier was still around. This prehistoric looking animal is huge...and is about 75-100 feet from us in this picture, when he wheeled around and charged us. A “mock charge.” We did not breathe! Just another day in Namibia for Garth!!” All I can say is, Yikes!

As you can see, graduation season is upon us and we want to hear about it! Please send in your college or high school graduation news, including photos if you have them, and let us know what your plans are. We'll publish college news as it comes in, and the high school graduation info in our June 15 issue. It's easy to do, just email, stop by the office, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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