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Letters to the Editor: 02/15/2015

Letters to the Editor

Get it right about Oakmont, Press Democrat

Dear Editor,

Twice in the past few weeks, articles have appeared in the Press Democrat that refer to Oakmont. In one instance, the heading said, “Santa Rosa to take up shifting of Oakmont ridge line.” The photo above the header was a view of Hood Mountain (Dec. 18, 2014). The article was about Oakmont Senior Living, and the ridge line Santa Rosa will “take up” is on the Elnoka property that OSL wishes to develop.

In another story, “Ruling a Setback...” (January 24, 2015), several comments gave the impression that Oakmont was involved as a named litigant in the lawsuit concerning a bicycle path through Wild Oak Villages, and referred to Oakmont as a gated community. I have been in email contact with the reporter on both these articles. As a result, the reporter agreed to change the language in the online story to give the geographical reference as “near Oakmont.” He also made a note in the online edition: “Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly located the gated community of Wild Oak. It is near Oakmont.”

And so it was with great dismay that I opened the January 27 Press Democrat and read the editorial entitled, “It’s our way or the highway – Highway 12.” The photo caption includes “...some Oakmont residents are battling...” and again refers to “a gated community in Oakmont.”

As Chair of the Oakmont Community Development Committee, I have asked the editor of the Press Democrat on behalf of the Oakmont Village Association to publish a retraction stating the facts: Oakmont Village Association, The Villages at Wild Oak, and Oakmont Senior Living are three separate entities; the OVA is not a litigant in the Santa Rosa v. Villages at Wild Oak lawsuit; the OVA does support the OSL in their quest for a ridge line adjustment but does not have any OVA plans before the Planning Department of Santa Rosa, nor will we be submitting any building plans dealing with a ridge line designation on the Elnoka property. I would agree with anyone who contends there are too many Oaks and Oakmonts in this situation, but the PD editorial adds to the confusion.

Just as an observation on the Bicycle Coalition’s assertion that the court would be saving lives by routing cyclists through Wild Oak Villages as stated in one of the PD articles, there are two exits from the entire gated community of Wild Oak. Both of these gates exit to Oakmont’s public streets. Once on Oakmont streets, a cyclist has three choices: turn around and go back to Annadel Park either through Wild Oak or a pedestrian bridge leaving Oakmont into Annadel near the old Water Treatment Plant, or use Oakmont Drive or Pythian Road to exit on to Highway 12. Highway 12 seems to be the destination – so “It’s our way to the highway, Highway 12.”

Susan Millar, Chair
Oakmont Community Development Committee

“Big Heart” taking a break

Dear Editor,

As we head into the second half of our 2014-15 school year at Kenwood Elementary School, February usually brings with it the annual Big Heart luncheon, which has been held for the past 14 years. After much discussion and deliberation among the members of the Kenwood Education Foundation board, it has been decided to take a one year break from this event.

It is important to note that we have tremendous admiration and appreciation for all of our “Big Heart” recipients during the past 14 years we have held this event. In addition, the ongoing support of the Oakmont community and the many community members of Kenwood, Sonoma and Santa Rosa has been instrumental in the success of our school.

We intend to bring this wonderful event back to our community during the 2015-16 school year. It is our intent to continue to provide opportunities to support the children in all possible areas. Please note on your calendars that our annual “Lights, Camera, Auction” event is scheduled for Saturday, May 16, at the beautiful Chateau St. Jean Winery in Kenwood. Please make plans to buy your tickets in advance and join us at this great community celebration.

Rosemarie Ramponi
President, Kenwood Education Foundation
Bob Bales
Superintendent/Principal, Kenwood School

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