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Glen Ellen Telegram: 10/01/2015

Glen Ellen Telegram

Wildlife recap: So, I received an email with a very strange attachment: a photo of poop. A photo that long-time resident Christine L. had saved for several years. A photo taken near Suttonfield Lake. She had always wondered if this might be from a bear and the last month's article inspired her to pass it along in case I knew who to send it to for “identification.” Together with Arthur Dawson, a little online sleuthing, and process of elimination (no pun intended), we determined that indeed the poop she captured could very well be from a bear. Let's keep the wildlife info flowing, Glen Ellenites, and keep your eyes open for glimpses of the elusive creatures that share our valleys and mountains. (By the way, we could've printed the photo but…)

Small world in small towns

Over Labor Day weekend, my family was enjoying the wilds of Humboldt county with my in-laws Margaret and Bill Lee, their long time friend Cheri Burgi (also of Glen Ellen, mom of Larry and Jacki), and my sister-in-law Diane Lee (of Glen Ellen). A few amazing coincidences were revealed, mostly centering around the realization that both Cheri and Bill had ties to Myer's Flat (a small town near Garberville). From that spawned a conversation regarding long-lost relations that had also moved to Sonoma Valley. Indeed, a family who had sent their children through valley schools by the last name of Myers. Wait a minute, my husband chimed in, do you mean Diedre Myers? Indeed. Steven Lee (and his brother Robert Lee) were friends with both Diedre and her brother Joel Myers during high school. After some napkin pedigree analyses (who really keeps all those first, second, once-removed labels straight in their head?), it was determined that Steven and Robert are second cousins once removed from Diedre and Joel. Small world, indeed.

Remembering a loss

Also during that trip a fair amount of time was spent telling stories of Dennis Pautsch, ex-husband of Charlyne Pautsch, father of Karen, Jamie and Nate, and grandfather of Chandler. Dennis, Charlyne, Bill, Margaret, Cheri, and Jack Burgi were long-time couples/friends whose kids grew up together and who cycled through softball and bowling leagues and long nights of playing cards. Dennis passed away in August but his spirit lives on through the hilarious tales spun by these old friends. One of my favorite stories involves those years of playing cards. The men were always teamed up against the women and, exasperatingly, they always seemed to win. The men insisted on having the same spots at the table and finally it was discovered that each time, the men had arranged the toaster behind the ladies so that they could see the reflections of their hands of cards. Sneaky cheaters! Dennis grew up on London Ranch Road. For the last several decades he lived in Corona Beach near Ensenada, Mexico, with his wife Cheryl. A memorial for Dennis was held in Mexico over Labor Day weekend.

Glen Ellen kids all grown up!

Joey Lee
Joey Lee (left) and Emma Ramponi both work for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s office.
Both Emma Ramponi (daughter of Garden Court Café owners Nick and Rosemarie, and sister of Amanda) and Joey Lee (son of Robert Lee and Khristine Guire Weise, brother of Katie Lee, Holly Lee, Erica McIntosh, and Ethan Lee) have been hired by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's office. Joey graduated from the Santa Rosa public training center in September and is now a Deputy Sheriff. Emma will graduate from the Evergreen Academy in San Jose next April, at which point she will remove “trainee” from her current position of Deputy Sheriff Trainee. Congrats you two! Please come back often; we miss you already!

Buzz from around the bend

The new paving job and sidewalk improvement was completed just in time for the 25th Annual Glen Ellen Village Fair, Sunday, Oct. 11, from 12 to 5 p.m. on Arnold Dr. (between London Ranch and Warm Springs roads). This year's theme is “Glen Aliens,” so get out your craziest garb and tin foil hats. Contact Dawn at if you'd like to be in the parade. More than 85 vendors, music, food, kids' zone, parade (promptly at noon), and the best of community fun mark this long-time Glen Ellen tradition.

Transcendence Theater Company's Broadway Under the Stars season has come to an end and executive co-director, Stephen Stubbins, shared the following: “Thanks to this amazing community of supporters we've raised over $187,000 for Jack London State Park and we've had over 57,000 patrons attend our events in the last four seasons. No need to wait until next June for us to connect again because for the first time ever we're producing a holiday show. It will feature around 20 performers and take place at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on Dec. 4 and 5. Please join us!” For tickets go to

As always, if you have any Glen Ellen-related news to announce, please email or call 996-3352.

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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