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Publishers' Corner: 02/01/2016

A diamond is forever…

In the last month a whole series of things have either broken or gotten lost. I won’t go into all the gory details. It mostly has to do with car parts, electrical shorts, dining room chairs, and pieces of jewelry, but it has left me wondering, “What next?” OK, I will tell you the biggie. I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring. It’s somewhere in our house, unless it went down a drain. The day I lost it, I hadn’t done anything but sit around in my pajamas trying to recover from that lingering cough/throat crud that’s been going around. That’s what leaves me with a faint glimmer of hope that someday it will reappear.

I noticed it as I was taking off my ring before getting in the shower. Of course I looked everywhere, and even called Alec who came home from work to help with the search, but to no avail. I started to feel like Gollum in The Hobbit, “my precious…my precious…where is my precious?!” That is NOT GOOD. I obviously was way too attached to that thing. Maybe it was a sign from the universe that I set too much store in things material. But when I told my mom this theory, she said that was not true and I ought to just replace the diamond. I love my mom’s no-nonsense practicality. There’s one tiny problem, though – the ring wasn’t insured. And we didn’t win the Powerball, either.

Best case scenario – it flew off somewhere we didn’t look, like behind books on a shelf, or up on top of a window frame. Maybe the cat ate it (this is really unlikely). Or maybe we have little people living in the walls, like in The Borrowers, and they took it because they really, really needed it. I’ve lost things and found them in weird places years later, kind of like the house regurgitated them. One can always hope.

My dad lost his wedding ring three times – the first time it flew off while he was playing basketball and some neighborhood kids found it and returned it. They knew it was his since it had his initials inside – RHQ. The second time he lost it in a coal mine where he was a mine superintendent, and it turned up in a different coal mine. Apparently it had fallen into a gas mask that was later transferred to another mine. The third time, someone broke into our house and stole it. After that it never did come back, and he never wore a wedding ring again, although he and my mom were married 60 years when he died.

So obviously I don’t need a diamond to prove how much Alec loves me, but it was really beautiful and I will miss it. Maybe it did go down the drain and will eventually end up buried in the ground somewhere – back to where it came from millions and millions of years ago…


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