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KIDS campaign a success at Kenwood School

Second-graders (R to L, front) Viviana Ramponi, Gabby Rolland, Shannon Coleman, and Deliah Jagdfeld help Principal Bob Bales (center) paint the KIDS Campaign pencil, with Collin Lamar, Dylan Olsen and Dahlia Laganiere-Melendez (R to L, back).

The Kenwood Education Foundation (KEF) is grateful to all Kenwood School parents and community members for helping us reach an important goal: for the first time ever, the school’s fundraising KIDS campaign reached 100 percent family participation!

The campaign’s success is due in large part to Breanne Benward (mother of two girls in the school) who managed the campaign, keeping the momentum and excitement going with sign up booths before and after school, special communications and even an ice cream social for the kids.

KEF board members helped throughout the process and when they realized there were a few families who simply could not afford to donate to the campaign, they created a sponsor-a-family option. Kenwood families, alumni and board members stepped up to the plate and sponsored the few remaining families.

KEF is still working towards meeting its financial goal of $50,000 (they are short about $15,000) but they are confident that they can find this through business community matches and the generosity of alumni, parents and professionals in Sonoma County. If you would like to help KEF achieve its financial goal for Kenwood School, please visit us at

To help celebrate the campaign’s success, Principal Bob Bales painted the last section of the pencil indicating 100 percent participation, but he did so with a little help from several second grade students. What a great sport Bob was to allow the children to “help” him paint the pencil, which, in their minds, meant paint Principal Bales!

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