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Village Chat: 06/01/2016

Village Chat

bernie krauss recording in Sugarloaf
Bernie Krauss working in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

Glen Ellen's indefatigable Bernie Krause continues his remarkable work documenting the state of nature through early morning recordings at a specific location in Sugarloaf State Park. While the results are definitely saddening, they provide some of the soundest evidence (no pun intended) available of the quickening pace of natural habitat destruction over the last few years. A recent video of Bernie's work was posted on May 11 and has garnered almost 750,000 views so far. You can watch it on Facebook at Pretty amazing.

Local writers Jean Wong and Meta Strauss were the winners of a Lucky Penny production contest celebrating the short story. As event producer Dan Monez says, “The short story is one of the most difficult and interesting genres to master. In just a few pages, the author has to create a complete story with characters the reader can see, hear, and feel.” Jean and Meta will perform their work, along with seven other winners, on Sunday, June 12, 2 p.m. at the Community Arts Center in Napa. Congratulations!

Alec at KSVY
Alec Peters about to go into the studio at KSVY.

You may or may not be able to get KSVY, 91.3 FM on your radio. It's the local, nonprofit radio station in Sonoma, and I mean local! Kind of like if we had a radio station. But you can get it online at, anywhere in the world, thanks to the magic of the Internet. Or download the KSVY app on your smart phone. Why am I telling you all this? Blatant self-promotion. Our fearless leader Alec Peters and I have been guests on the Morning Show lately, talking about the Kenwood Press and informing those down-valley people about what goes on in Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Oakmont, and beyond. We're scheduled next for Thursday morning, June 2, at 8:40, so be sure to tune in!

Alec at KSVY
Some happy new readers at Burbank Elementary School in Santa Rosa.

Retired Kenwood School librarian Katy Biller has a new project, and guess what? It involves books. She distributes books to children who have few or no books of their own at home and are unable to visit the public library, calling her project “A Book for Every Child.” The first place she approached about book donations was Kenwood School, which responded with enthusiasm. Katy said, “The Student Council made posters and helped to get the children excited about donating books. Their goal was to fill up the back of my car and they did!! For two weeks the parents and children brought in gently used children's books. We collected close to 1,000 books!” She took the books to Burbank Elementary School where the kids were delighted and proud to walk away with books of their very own. Katy says, “I am continuing with this project and will gladly except donated gently used children's books. Anyone who has children's books they no longer need can call me at 833-2833 or email me at I will gladly pick up books.”

Congratulations to Francey Behmke of Glen Ellen who was graduated from the University of South Carolina on May 6. Francey has a BA in Business Administration in Management and Marketing, with a minor in Public Relations. Those sound like good things to have in today's job market. Apparently she was part of the largest graduating class in this history of the State of South Carolina. Mom, Paula Behmke, says that Francey will be heading back across country at the beginning of June. “A bittersweet move for her as she enjoyed every minute of living in the South and the friends she met along the way.”

Rosie Keller is also graduating from college, the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, and currently has a paid research position at the university while she writes her BA thesis. She'll spend July in Tanzania with Engineers Without Borders, installing Internet for a girls' school. Rosie and her sister Katharine grew up part-time in Kenwood and part-time in Switzerland, but as they got into the upper grades, they did all their schooling in Europe. Congratulations, Rosie!

And speaking of graduations, if you haven't yet sent in your high school graduation news, please do! We'll be publishing that information in the June 15 issue of the paper, so send it in by June 9. And feel free to send in any other news and photos you may have, too. It's easy to do - just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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