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Village Chat: 08/01/2016

Village Chat

Bill Myers, of Bill & Dave Hikes fame, passes this along: "A sincere thanks to those of you who attended our 15 annual 4 of July Fireworks hike to the top of Bald Mountain. We raised almost $4,500 for Sugarloaf Ridge State Park." Bill, along with his partner Linda Pavlak, also is the driving force behind Funky Fridays, which raises money for Sonoma County Regional Parks, so thanks, Bill, Linda, and Dave Chalk for all you do for our local parks!

The Kenwood Fire Department has a long reach, as evidenced by this news from Linda Hale. Three of Kenwood's finest have gone on to careers with CAL FIRE. Jordan Hale (Linda's son) started as a volunteer with the Kenwood Fire Department when he was 18. After six years with the CAL FIRE Sonoma/Lake/Napa County Unit, he has just become Captain of the Butte Meadows CDF Station outside Lassen National Park. Joining him on his crew is Jared Hunt who also began his career as a volunteer with the Kenwood Department. Like Captain Hale, Jared attended college in Chico and he joins CAL FIRE this year as a Firefighter 1. And the newest edition to the crew at Butte Meadows is Ryan Shubin who started as an Explorer with Kenwood. And by the way, his dad just happens to be Kenwood's Fire Chief Bill Shubin. Both Jared and Ryan continue to volunteer with the Kenwood Fire Department in their off time. As Jordan says, "Kenwood has a history of producing key personnel for CAL FIRE."

If you haven't gone to the Sonoma County Fair yet, make sure you do before it closes Aug. 7. We went the first weekend it opened, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were with our friend Tyler Brown, whose mission it was to eat the Mac 'n' Cheese-stuffed hamburger, which he did, along with a side of peanut butter and jelly fries. Tyler's son TJ gamely participated in the Star Wars Trivia Contest, and boy, were those questions obscure! Who knew that Lando Calrissian's copilot in Return of the Jedi is the Sullustan smuggler Nien Nunb? But my favorite event was the pig races, which were short and sweet - adorable, actually. Check it out!

Medalists of Senior Tennis Games at Oakmont

Mixed Doubles winners of Senior Tennis Games at Oakmont

Mixed Doubles winners
George Smith and Douglas Hasa, men's singles winners of Senior Tennis Games at Oakmont

Bill Wrightson
Bill Wrightson, mixed doubles gold of Senior Tennis Games at Oakmont

On June 18, the Council on Aging and the Sonoma Wine Country Games together with Oakmont Tennis Club (OTC) President Terri Somers brought the senior tennis games to the Oakmont courts. OTC members mobilized in the early morning to dry the courts due to an unexpected rainstorm the previous day, and to drive golf carts to transport competitors between the east and west tennis facilities. Matches included men's and women's singles, mixed doubles, and men's and women's doubles. Eighteen OTC members won 22 medals in their age level. Gold Medal Winners are Fran Dias - Woman's Singles; George Hasa - Men's Singles; Doug Smith - Men's Singles; Olivia Kinzler - Mixed Doubles; Tom Kendrick and Paula Lewis - Mixed Doubles; Bill Wrightson and Kathy Erickson - Mixed Doubles; Doug Smith and Jeff Clemence - Men's Doubles; Ray Baldwin and Vince Taylor - Men's Doubles. Silver Medal Winners are Vince Taylor - Men's Singles; Neil Linneball - Men's Singles; David Koch and Terri Somers - Mixed Doubles; Jim Oswald and Tom Kendrick - Men's Doubles. Bronze Medal Winners are Tony Agocs and Fritz Spotleson - Men's Doubles; Dennis Boaz and Neil Linneball - Men's Doubles. A very impressive round-up of medals. Congratulations, everyone!

Great Meteoron monastery
Great Meteoron monastery in Meteora, Greece

Todd Board and his wife Kathy Speas traveled to Greece and Macedonia from mid-May to mid-June and found themselves at Great Meteoron monastery in Meteora, Greece, with its ancient, 12,000-liter wine barrel. Todd said that Kathy's initial disappointment that they don't ship wine off-monastery was greatly salved by learning that the barrel, alas, has been empty for an unknown number of decades anyway. Todd also said that Meteora has amazing birdsong.

McTaggerts on Mt. Kilimanjaro
McTaggerts on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kerin McTaggart and her kids Christian and Cami climbed Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro last month. That's the highest mountain on the African continent, at 19,341 feet above sea level. Before she left for Africa, Kerin was speculating on how hard it would be, because you just can't predict who's going to be negatively affected by the altitude. Fortunately, all three of them made the ascent, and more importantly, the descent back to sea level. Congratulations, and thanks for the great picture!
Granny hitchhiking
Fascinating reading in Hawaii, for some.

Meanwhile, Judy Laursen and her daughter Chelsea were on Maui and sent in this hilarious photo of Judy's mom, Philomena Holm of Eureka, hitchhiking on "The road to Hana." Judy said, "We were on Maui knocking Hawaii off Grandma's bucket list. She'll do any goofy thing we come up with!"

That's all for now. Thanks for sending in all your news and photos for Village Chat. It's easy to do - just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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