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Village Chat: 08/15/2016

Village Chat

The Sonoma County Fair has come and gone, and the kids in Annadel 4-H did really well.

Charles Kirby showing his Reserve Grand Champion hog at the Sonoma County Fair.
Charles Kirby showing his Reserve Grand Champion hog at the Sonoma County Fair.
In the swine group, Brian Terry won Champion and Reserve Duroc, Charles Kirby won Reserve Grand Champion hog, and Garret Jepson won Reserve Champion Berkshire. Brian also won the barrow challenge for the best “born and bred barrow” and received a huge belt buckle. The Annadel 4-H Swine Group won second place overall. Many thanks to swine group leader Lindsay Gregori.

Elizabeth and Harrison Caughey.
Elizabeth and Harrison Caughey.
Harrison Caughey won Supreme Grand Champion Poultry Meat Pen, and 4-H Grand Champion Meat Pen, and his sister Elizabeth Caughey won first in her class for 4-H. They both raised 30 birds for the fair this year. Their mother, Mary, is the leader for both the poultry group, and for bees.

 Ian Huffaker with his Polish rabbit.
Ian Huffaker with his Polish rabbit.
In the rabbit category, led by Kelly Ricci, Bobbie Gregori placed first with her mini lop and third with her Holland lop. Shelby Derrickson placed 10th in showmanship and got a first place for her MiniRex, and Ian Huffaker placed second for his Polish. Addie Brandt's meat pen bunnies placed 7th and 8th out of 36.

If you're interested in participating in Annadel 4-H, send an email to They meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the Rincon Valley Grange, 5055 Rincon Ave. in Santa Rosa.

solo bugler
Pete Estabrook and his trumpet students play the National Anthem on opening day of Wine Country Racing. Pictured from left: Pete Estabrook, Roan Affronti, David Zhang, Oliver Staten, Matthew Elcome, Ian Strachan, Alex Beidatsch, Sebastian Bradford, Ty Wills, and Todd Higgins play the “Call to Post” during the horse races at the Sonoma County Fair. Todd has been Pete’s faithful sub for the last 10 years when he needs him to play the Call to Post at various tracks around California, including Cal Expo Harness, San Joaquin County, Alameda County, and Humboldt County.
And speaking of the fair, Pete Estabrook has been playing “First Call,” also known as the “Call to Post” at the horse races for 30 years now. Pete is a well-known trumpeter, jazz musician, and music teacher, and he has strong connections to St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Kenwood where his parents Diana and Ray Estabrook are fixtures. On Aug. 6, Pete was honored by Wine Country Racing with a huge sign on the Jumbotron thanking him for his 30 years of bugling, plus the first race (a mule race) was named in his honor, and guess what? The winner was named Sassy Jazz! Pete and nine of his trumpet students from Healdsburg, Maria Carrillo, Santa Rosa, Montgomery, and Analy High Schools played a beautiful, multi-part version of the National Anthem to open the day.
solo bugler
Pete Estabrook bugles the Call to Post at the Sonoma Sounty Fair. It’s his 30th season playing for Wine Country Racing.

If you like jazz, St. Patrick's invites you to attend their 10 o'clock service on Aug. 28, which is a Jazz Mass led by Dixieland band leader

Tom Barnaby, followed by a parish picnic. All are welcome, and you're encouraged to bring a salad or side dish. Knowing St. Patrick's, there will be more than enough food to go around. And don't forget that the Kenwood Farmers Market takes place every Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the church parking lot, right across from the Kenwood Fire Department.

Gus plays LAX in Russia
The Russian national lacrosse team, with Gus Peters, second from right, before the start of a game against Poland in Budapest.
Now I get to tell you about my son Gus Peters. Gus lives in Moscow (in Russia, not Idaho) where he teaches English and is starting a Ph.D. in Political Science. He also plays lacrosse, on one of the two or three lacrosse teams in the country, which are mainly made up of American and British ex-pats and Russians who learned to play in the states, or from hanging out with people like Gus. He also plays on the Russian national team, of which he is one of the captains. And, no, he hasn't become a Russian citizen! The rules are very loose as to who gets to play on a national lacrosse team in Europe, where the sport is relatively new. Earlier this month, the Russians went to Budapest, Hungary, for the European Lacrosse Championship. They were one of 24 countries participating, and finished 16th, which is better than they expected, by far. Gus said that he had the honor of scoring Russia's first-ever goal at the European Championship (because it's the first time they ever went to the tournament). They had a blast and made friends with people from all over Europe, which just shows what a great form of diplomacy sports is.

That's all for now. Please send me your news and photos for Village Chat. It's easy to do. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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