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Glen Ellen Telegram: 09/01/2016

Glen Ellen Telegram

Well, I was wrong. August did not bring those typical hot days, and now will there be any “dog days” in 2016? What a strangely cool-ish season we have had, especially at night. There is still time for heat, and surely any of you who have lived here more than a couple of years can remember hot days up through October. As I type this, however, the 10 day forecast shows no daily high over 81 degrees, so we will just have to wait and see. It certainly is starting to feel like fall.

Back to school helps to usher along the coming of autumn, even if it's more than a month before the fall equinox. Dunbar Elementary school students kicked off the academic year on Aug. 15 in traditional fashion, with an all-school pledge of allegiance and the singing of “Grand Ol' Flag.” Next up is Back to School Night (adults only) on Wednesday evening Sept. 14. Three new teachers have joined the school: Christina Sanders (4th/5th grade multi-age team), Shannon McCambridge (2nd/3rd grade multi-age team), and Mara Irvin (Kindergarten). Remember that you can keep up to date on school happenings via the PTO facebook page, “Dunbar School PTO.” Also, there is an informal alumni group led by Jan Davis, so if you'd like to be on their contact list, please email

You may have noticed changes at the Glen Ellen Village Market resulting from its purchase by Nugget Markets - new produce boxes out front and various re-arrangements and stylistic updates inside, and manager Rebecca says there will be more refurbishing in the upcoming months, so “Thank you for your patience.” She also wants to thank all of the locals, and especially the regulars, for feedback both in praise and in critique. Change and transition can be uncomfortable, but most of the chatter has been positive. Nugget Markets will be celebrating their 90th anniversary this month with a large party at their original store/corporate headquarters in Woodland.
The 26th annual Glen Ellen Village Fair is just over a month away and the committee wants to know if you've purchased your raffle tickets yet? Your next two chances (out in front of the market) are Sept. 11 and 25, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Proceeds benefit local nonprofits such as the volunteer fire departments and our public school PTOs. This year's fair theme is “Jack London's Valley of the Moon” and parade participants are encouraged to celebrate both the author and the uniqueness of this end of the valley. If you'd like to enter the parade, please contact Dawn at Fair president Leslie Vaughn says that booth space is still available for vendors and nonprofits, BUT it's filling fast. Please request an application via email at Matt Dickey reports that the music scene is going to expand to two stages - the main one and a smaller one down near the Glen Ellen Inn. Among the performers will be Jay Dub and Dino, Rubber Soul, and the Solcats. The schedule for the second stage is being handled by John LemMon and any amateur, local kid, or small acoustic individual or group interested in playing should contact him at 321-8500. The fair takes place on Sunday Oct. 9, 12-5 p.m., on Arnold Drive between London Ranch Road and Warm Springs />The buzz from around the bend...

coffeshop sign
Glen Ellen’s new coffee bar, Horatius, opened in the Jack London Village this month. Photo by Shannon Lee.
Glen Ellen has a coffee bar! Horatius is now open at the southern corner of Jack London Village. Great parking, patio seating, coffee, a re-envisioned space, retail items, and a wine bar all come together here in a new offering that owner Horacio Gomes hopes will evolve into a gathering spot for both locals, weekenders, and tourists. For now the doors are open daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Tuesdays. Horacio was in the business of interior design and more recently (for the past 20 years) branding and brand transition/advertising out of San Francisco. He opened an event space named Horatius in San Francisco and within three years it developed into one of the “places to be.” But our valley was calling his name and so he left the city, moved to Sobre Vista, and set to the task of creating both the interior and some of the landscaping exterior of what has now opened as the re-birth of Horatius. As it was in SF, he hopes this new location can become an event space for intimate, smaller gatherings. He is happy to be part of our community and wants to thank the many locals who have already come in to meet him. Maybe stop by for a coffee before, after, or half-way through your regional park hike?
Also in the village, Sculpturesite Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of new sculptures by Emil Alzamora, along with the release of the latest Sculpturesite video in the series Inside the Sculptor's Studio, featuring the artist at work in his studio in Beacon, New York. Alzamora gave Sculpturesite owners Brigitte Micmacker and John Denning an exclusive look into his creative process when they recently watched him work and interviewed him in his studio. Alzamora has been working as a full time sculptor in the Hudson Valley of New York since 2001, exploring the human figure in a variety of novel ways. The exhibition runs Sep. 2-Oct. 14.

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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