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Guest Editor: 01/15/2017

Worth Our Weight (in gold!)

By Rebecca Rosemberg

Eggs Benedict with prosciutto, buttermilk waffles with oven-fried chicken, huevos rancheros… Hungry yet? Beginning February, 2017, these are just a few of the brunch dishes served up hot and fresh every Sunday at Worth Our Weight Café, at 1021 Hahman Dr., Santa Rosa (behind Montgomery Village, next to the Boys & Girls Club). Sunday Brunch is served from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., February through Christmas.

Worth Our Weight (WOW) is a culinary apprentice program for at-risk youth in Sonoma County. For 10 years, Executive Director Evelyn Cheatham has transformed hundreds of troubled lives into productive members in the food industry. Worth Our Weight graduates go on to work at restaurants in Sonoma County and beyond: Monti’s, The Bird and the Bottle, Red Grape, Applebee’s, Amy’s Kitchen, Kendall Jackson, La Toque, Dierk’s Parkside Café, Graton Rancheria, Windsor Deli, Kenwood Market Deli, and more... even as far as Brooklyn’s famed Diner NYC.

Worth Our Weight is supported through catering jobs, Sunday Brunches and generous personal donations. Any amount helps these young adults achieve their dreams.

Experience what the WOW apprentices can do by patronizing the Third Thursday Visiting Chef Dinner Series. Well-known chefs come to Worth Our Weight Café and work with the apprentices to prepare a four-course meal, and serve it to 50 admiring customers. These dinners sell out every month. There are only 20 of the 50 seats left! Your $85 donation helps our youth get food-industry jobs. Includes dinner, wine, gratuity and tax.

WOW Third Thursday Visiting Chefs:

Feb. 16 – Kyle Kuklewski, Ramekins
March 16 – Jesse Mallgren, Madrona Manor
April 20 – Bryan Jones, St. Francis Winery
May 16 (a Tuesday) – John Franchetti, Franchetti’s
June 15 – Josh Silvers, Jackson’s Oven
July 20 – Carmen Rodriguez, Reservoir, Palm Springs
Aug. 17 – Carrie Brown and Peter Brown, Jimtown Store
Sept. 21 – John Toulze and Sondra Bernstein, the girl and the fig
Oct. 19 – Narayan Somname, Yeti Restaurant
Nov. 16 – GALA! Duskie Estes, John Stewart, Zazu and Dan Kedan, Backyard, and other chefs ($200)

You can buy individual tickets for each dinner or the 10-dinner series for $850 (includes $200 Gala). You can buy tickets on Search for “Worth Our Weight” to support this worthwhile program.

Volunteers needed at Worth Our Weight

January 15 kicks off the cleanup at WOW Café at 1021 Hahman Dr. Volunteers are needed for cleanup, repairs, handyman chores, gardening. If you are interested in donating your time and elbow grease, email your name and phone number to

Rebecca Rosenberg is a Kenwood resident, author, and longtime supporter of programs for at risk youth, including the Cha Chas (Children’s Home Auxiliary), VOICES and WOW. Her first published novel is coming out November 2017. For more information go to

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