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Glen Ellen Telegram: 09/01/2017

On turkeys, mail, and life in Glen Ellen…

For the past several months we've had two dozen visitors every evening. Four turkey hens and their offspring (about 20 strong) traverse our property on a daily migration up from the creek, cleaning up under the cherry plum trees along the way. It's been wonderful to watch the chicks grow day by day and the nightly parade reinforces gratitude for this place we call home. Yes, yes, I know, turkeys and other wildlife can cause problems as well, but how wonderful to live this close to nature. To witness the seasons and cycles of life continuing just outside our windows - just off our porches - can we pause to find the gratitude in that? Our rural, scenic, mostly peaceful Glen Ellen existence is further enhanced by those tiny small-town quirks that confront us. Most recently, we received an extra little note in with our mail, which read: “Your flowers are just lovely.” How lovely this community (humans and beyond) truly is.

Dolphins are back at school

Our local elementary was buzzing with anticipation on Monday morning Aug. 14. New principal Jillian Beale proudly took the helm and led the school in the traditional singing of “You're a Grand Ole Flag.” One of this year's kinders is Fiona Estupian. Fiona is daughter of Katie Dunham Estupian, who is daughter of Rick Dunham, who is son of Ann Marsh Dunham. Katie's siblings Nicole and Dean also attended Dunbar. That makes four generations of Marsh/Dunham/Estupians! Are you a legacy family? I'd love to hear your story. Dunbar will have its annual Back to School Night on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 6-7:30 p.m. Did you know that 2017 marks the 160th year for the school? More next month on the celebration planned for later this fall.

Your last chance this summer!

Don't miss out on the last weekend of Transcendence Theater Company's 6th summer season up at Jack London State Park. The gala performances of Broadway Under the Stars will kick off at 7:30 p.m., Friday-Sunday, Sept. 8-10. Park opens for pre-show picnic at 5 p.m. Artistic Director Amy Miller describes the gala as “an intimate twist on our audiences' favorite performances of the summer.” Ticket on sale through

Also at Jack London State Park

It's the summer of 1916 and Jack London has invited you to visit his Beauty Ranch. This Living History Tour is a unique, immersive experience scheduled for Sept. 9 at 10:30 a.m. Jack will personally lead you on a tour of the grounds, where you will learn about historic structures like Kohler and Frohling's stone winery building and sherry barn from the mid-1800's, his famous Pig Palace and concrete-block grain silos, the eucalyptus tree grove and “spineless cactus” field. After touring the grounds, Jack will invite you in to the cottage where he and his wife Charmian live. If she is around, you might even get to meet Charmian and Jack's stepsister, Eliza Shepard. The lively, intriguing and informative tour with Jack lasts approximately 90 minutes. The tour costs $50 per person, which includes parking. Box picnic lunches are available for an additional $15. The tour requires minimum of four people and can accommodate a maximum of 15 people. To make reservations for the inaugural September tour, or to plan an individual tour, visit or call 938-5216.

The buzz from around the bend

Umbria has been revealed and has a planned opening Aug. 28! The new restaurant is going in at the site of the long shuttered Wolf House, next to the Jack London Saloon. Owners Giulio Tempesta and Valerie Caccia say that the dining room is being remodeled but that food will be served on the patio and in the bar (look for a new menu!) Food service hours, for now, will be 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Glen Ellen has a new farm stand! Austin and Missy of Bee-Well Farm (corner of Trinity Road and Hwy. 12) are opening to the public on Tuesdays, 3:30-7:30 p.m. This is a bit of a pilot project, just for the remainder of the season; they think they will keep this schedule through mid-October. Look for a more permanent access to farm fresh goodies in the years to come. Bee-Well has become famous for their eggs and produce. You can also find them locally at the Friday Depot Park Market, the Sunday Kenwood Community Farmers Market, and the Springs Community Farmer Market.

The next Glen Ellen Forum meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 11, but location is still TBD, as of press time. The forum will also host a social event on Sept. 15. Visit for details on both.

Where will you be on Sunday, Oct. 8? Well, in town at the Glen Ellen Village Fair, of course! As always, the festivities will kick off with the parade at noon, after which the booths will open, the food and drink will be available, the tunes will be rocking, and the whole town will party on until 5 p.m. This year's theme is “A Sense of Community.” More details in the next column, but for now, if you have any questions regarding the fair, would like to request a booth application, have a musical act, or intend to sign up to be in the parade, please email

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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