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Glen Ellen Telegram: 10/01/2017

What would you take with you?

Who doesn’t love the message board at the Glen Ellen Fire Department? Clever folks spreading humor, deep thoughts, and information. Recently, the board asked us a question: “If you only had 10 minutes to evacuate your house for a week, what would you take with you?” So how would you answer that? With all the flooding and fire disasters happening around the country, the conversation is certainly on the minds of many. Two of my close friends lost houses in Texas this past month. In our area, this is definitely the time of year to consider your emergency and evacuation plans. This is the height of fire season, and of course, earthquakes are always a possibility. Talk with your family, check out your plans and supplies, and don’t forget to interact with your neighbors – do you know your neighbors? In a disaster, they may be your best support – they may even save your life!

A sense of community

October is also the month of our favorite small town event, the annual Glen Ellen Village Fair. For it’s 27th year, the theme is “A sense of community” and the Grand Marshal is the Sonoma Developmental Center. Sunday, Oct. 8, will see the closure of Arnold Drive between London Ranch Road and Warm Springs Road. The parade begins at noon after which the street fair officially opens with 80+ vendors and fantastic entertainment. Food and drink will be off the hook, including Aunt Betty’s Corn Dogs, Got Balls Meatball Factory, Talk of the Town Catering, Famous Jonny’s, Tri-tip Trolley, Java Wagon, Lagunitas beers and local wines (offered up by the Glen Ellen Firefighters Association), and the Jack London Lodge Saloon will also be open for service.

There is a great line up on the main stage: Ten Foot Tone, The Illegitimate AC/DC, and The Jami Jamison Band. On the second stage you’ll hear very talented local youth bands: Radar, The Trips, RockCats, and others. For the kids, there will be face painting, crafts, pony rides, and Kids Alley (run this year by volunteers from St. Francis Solano School). The fair association will be running a big raffle with lots of great prizes as well as a beautiful quilt. Glen Ellen Village Fair T-shirts and vintage posters will also be available for purchase. Proceeds from the raffle go to local community service providers such as the fire department and Dunbar Elementary School. The fair ends at 5 p.m., and the street will reopen at 6 p.m. If you have any questions regarding the fair, or intend to sign up to be in the parade, please email

Keys of inspiration

Dunbar Elementary School is full of music this fall. The district was awarded a coveted grant from Lang Lang International Music Foundation to bring keyboards into two schools in the district, Dunbar and Sassarini. Now one of the portables at our little school is full of 50 keyboards plus the teacher’s piano. The program is beginning this year with second and third graders enjoying piano lessons twice a week for the entire year. The program will expand next year as those same students move into fourth and fifth grade and new young ones get their hands on those ivory keys. The program is called Keys of Inspiration and both the students and the teachers love it. Instructor Rebecca King has the opportunity to work with these students often enough that they will actually build skill which is very satisfying for an elementary school music teacher. And in case you are cringing at the thought of 50 pianos playing at once, each student has a headset plugged into their keyboard so that only they can hear themselves.

The buzz from around the bend

Have you noticed the spreading beautification in our little downtown? Check out the soothing paint tones of the Post Office corner and beyond. These are the beginning results coming out of the volunteer sub-committees of the Glen Ellen Forum. Get involved! Our little town has great people, great ideas, and great collaborative community service. Check out for recent news, events, projects, and meeting announcements.

Horatius is on hold. Several weeks ago a sign went up on the door saying that Horatius is temporarily closed while they attempt to resolve a legal dispute with the landlord. The space is essentially cleared out and those of us craving a Nutella latte, a lunch salad, or a lovely homemade soup are simply out of luck for now.

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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