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Village Chat: 11/15/2017

Village Chat

The Kenwood community gathering in Plaza Park on Nov. 12 was just what we needed – a chance to see friends and neighbors, share our experiences of the fire, and thank the Kenwood Fire Department! Our firefighters are so humble, “just doing my job” kind of people, but they are heroes to all of us, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks also to the people who, in a very short amount of time, organized the day – Nicki Artieres, Cynthia Coleman, Dave and Linda McCuan, Jo-Anna Partridge, Alec Peters, Abby Peterson, Regina Rolland, Linda and Bob Solomon, Andrea Staby, Jennifer and Rich Stark, and probably many others I’m missing. Great work, everyone!

By the way, a number of you left plates, bowls, and serving utensils behind, and we have them here at the Kenwood Press office, so please stop by and retrieve your stuff.

Claudia Meglin let us know that her friend Margot Duane, an internationally published photographer specializing in photos of people, is offering beautiful family portraits, at no cost, to families who have lost everything, so they can have a Christmas gift to share with their loved ones. Her website is, and interested families should send an email to

Over in Glen Ellen, Pat Carlin tells us of a successful fundraiser that was also pulled together at the last minute. On Nov. 3, Pat’s next door neighbor Brian Hughes hosted the “Glen Ellen Strong Benefit Porch Concert/Party,” with musicians Dan Martin, Phil Herrschaft, and Ellen Toscano of T-Luke and the Tight Suits. Everything was donated – food, drinks, even the porta-potties. They raised $20 short of $6,000 and gave the money to nine hard-hit groups of Glen Ellen people. Pat said it was just an awesome, loving, cordial party.

For years now, Daryl Bellach has been quietly helping people get back on their feet with his “Kenwood Cares,” initiative. He is putting the word out that now is a good time to help out. Daryl is looking for more resources to further his cause of filling in the gaps when people need assistance, like paying an energy bill, getting a car fixed, providing winter clothes, helping a family pay for a holiday meal, just to name a few. If you can help Daryl, give Kenwood Cares a call at 800-669-0648.

Alicia Parks holds two yoga classes a week at St. Patrick’s Church, one on Monday at 8:30 a.m., and one on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., and for the rest of November, she’s offering new students the first class free. So if you’ve been meaning to try out a yoga class, this would be a good place to start. For more information, email her at

Pris and Jack Abercrombie
Pris and Jack Abercrombie celebrate 60 years of marriage with a Great Lakes cruise.

Pris and Jack Abercrombie celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, Aug. 15, with a Pearl Seas cruise on the Great Lakes. After the cruise, they visited their daughter, two granddaughters, two great grandsons and one great granddaughter in Omaha, and Pris said they thoroughly enjoyed both parts of their trip. Congratulations, Pris and Jack. Sixty years is impressive!

Pearl and Ross Peters celebrate tying the knot, to the tune of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours.”

I’ve been waiting months to print this next item: Congratulations to Ross Peters and Pearl Berchenko, who were married in Kenwood on Aug. 12! Ross is Alec and my son, and we absolutely adore our new daughter-in-law. Since Pearl and Ross planned everything to a tee, it was a perfect, happy day, right down to the weather. Pearl’s bridesmaids included maid of honor Katherine Guiney, Pearl’s sister Marcia Lane, Ross’ sister Elizabeth Peters, and Chloe Molla. The groomsmen were the All-Kenwood team – best man Mike Atkin, Ross’ brother Gus Peters, Diego Moulton, Joseph Gruchawka and Max Kruzic. Ross’ cousin Juliet Charnas performed the marriage ceremony. The Peters live in Oakland where Ross is a cabinet and furniture maker, and Pearl is a sex ed teacher for middle schools.

Connor and Janielle Fagent
Newlyweds Connor and Janielle Fagent with the extended Fagent family.

Congratulations also to Connor Fagent and Janielle Parangao who were married on Sept. 16 at Connor’s childhood home in Kenwood. Connor is the youngest son of Carolee and Dennis Fagent, and they were delighted and honored to welcome family and friends from afar. After honeymooning in the far east, Janielle and Connor settled into their home in Los Angeles where they are both employed, but their goal is to move back to San Diego, as soon as their careers allow it.

That’s all for now. Thank you, everyone, for sending in your news and photos for Village Chat. It’s easy to do – just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! – AQP

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