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Village Chat: 03/15/2018

Village Chat March 15, 2018

honorees at big hearts event
Big Hearts, from left: Mike Sheffer, Aspen Mayers, Steve Marshall and Pat Kerrigan

There were two big events last weekend, both in the caves at Deerfield Ranch Winery. On Friday, the Kenwood Education Foundation (KEF) honored this year's Big Hearts, Pat Kerrigan, Aspen Mayers and Mike Sheffer, and Steve Marshall. Pat was recognized for her work at radio station KSRO during the fires and immediate aftermath. She stayed on the air for days and days, bringing us all accurate information from local people who knew what they were talking about, and she did it with compassion and even humor. Pat gave a great, funny acceptance speech for her well-deserved Big Heart award. She said that she asked Sheriff Rob Giordano, in a lighter moment, who would play him in the movie. Without missing a beat he said Vin Diesel. So Pat said she wanted Helen Mirren or Jody Foster for her role. Well, Helen has the look, and Jody has the voice so it makes sense! It was fun to see Steve Marshall, of Marshall's Auto Repair, dressed up in a Hawaiian shirt. He does not like the spotlight, but he deserved it after all the work he did last October, sticking around to fix fire engines and other equipment for the various agencies fighting the fires. Aspen and Mike were honored for everything they did to take care of pets and livestock that had to be left behind as people evacuated. They even left the store open when they could no longer get back in so that people could take what they needed and settle up later. It was a truly heart-warming event, and a huge crowd of people there to experience it. Great job, KEF!

The next night was “The Crab in the Cave” crab feed and fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood. It was a sell-out and people were extremely generous at both the silent and live auctions. Back in January, after everything that's happened, the club was wondering if they should even hold the event this year, but they decided to go for it, and everyone responded enthusiastically. One live auction lot was a wine rack full of premium wines from 19 of our local wineries and tasting rooms. These were all high-end, hard to get wines, and the club didn't even come up with the idea and start asking around until the week before. That says a lot about the generosity of folks around here. Thank you all!

hunter macnair headshot
Actor Hunter MacNair

And speaking of the Crab Feed, I ran into Hunter MacNair at the event. He was there with his parents Jim MacNair and Kristy Singer. Hunter, 28, is an actor and has recently moved from New York to the Bay Area, where he has two upcoming roles. The first is a new play about the Vietnam draft, called The Birthday Lottery. It's about five fraternity brothers gathering together to listen to the U.S. Army's draft lottery, which uses birth dates to determine the order in which they will be called to serve in Vietnam. When the last date is drawn, the brothers react to the realization that their lives have been changed forever. They also begin to turn on each other. This is at Z Space in San Francisco, March 29-April 1 ( After that, Hunter is playing Laertes in Marin Shakespeare's production of Hamlet, which runs May 25-July 8 ( Check out this new Glen Ellen star!

People have been traveling, and not just anywhere.

brown standing below olympic rings
Jennifer Brown and Joann Hawk at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Last month long time Kenwood resident Joann Hawk and her daughter Jennifer (Galloway) Brown were in Pyeongchang at the Winter Olympics. Jennifer's son is deployed in South Korea, in the Air Force. Jennifer wrote, “We haven't seen him in almost a year. Longest ever. He has a unique job, maintains fighter plane ejector seats. The Olympics just happened to be there when we visited him. Lucky us!” They saw the figure skating team gold medal round, which means getting to see all the different categories of skating - women's singles, men's singles, pairs skating and ice dancing. USA won bronze. They also thoroughly enjoyed USA women's and men's hockey games, and speed skating. Jennifer's son got to go to the Opening Ceremonies, as well as the women's half pipe snowboarding where Chloe Kim won gold for the USA. But Jennifer said it was too cold and windy for her and her mom to watch the outdoor events. All in all, they had a fantastic trip. Jennifer said, “The South Koreans are wonderful people. Kind, considerate and caring. We made new friends. Communication was challenging but the Koreans were always very patient with us. Definitely want to go back.”

Someone else from around here went even further afield - hint, think ice and snow. But I'm out of room, so you'll have to wait until April to hear about that trip.

We love to hear your news, small and large, so if you have an item for Village Chat, please send it to me. It's easy to do - just email or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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