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Village Chat: 05/01/2018

Village Chat May 1, 2018

PEO Chapter JO

The ladies of PEO Chapter JO in Oakmont keep themselves busy, and one of the things they do on a monthly basis is volunteer at the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Chapter JO member Eleanore Schiro forwarded this photo of them bagging apples - thank you, Eleanore! PEO is a philanthropic organization that awards scholarships and grants to women pursuing higher education. For more information go to

A sure sign of spring - the Kenwood Strawberry Patch on Highway 12 in the middle of town is now open, to the delight of locals and passing motorists who pull in to get the delicious, ripe fruits straight from the field. I saw a sad sight, though, as I was driving home last Thursday evening - a bag of strawberries right in the middle of the highway, and you just know what happened. Someone probably bought a couple of baskets-full, put them on top of their car before getting their keys out, and drove off - Doh! We've all done that at one time or other, right?

It's always a big day at Kenwood School when students are lucky enough to take the place of Principal/Superintendent Bob Bales and Secretary Suzanne Borgert. The kids get to play those roles thanks to high bids at the Kenwood Education Foundation's annual fundraiser, Lights, Camera, Auction. This year, 4th grader Dahlia Laganiere-Melendez got to step in for Suzanne. She had a morning meeting with the principal, made the morning announcements, put mail in the teachers' boxes, and helped with attendance. Dahlia also got to pick up the school mail at the Kenwood Post Office, and pick out “purr prizes” for students who received a classroom award for citizenship and outstanding behavior.

Barron Jepson
Kenwood School Principal-for-a-Day Barron Jepson.

The principal of the day honors went to 6th grader Barron Jepson, who helped with class observations of teachers, and extended the morning recess an extra 10 minutes, which, according to Mr. Bales, earned Barron more applause than he has ever gotten in 20 years. Barron and Dahlia, along with their friends Wyatt Olson and Gabby Rolland, went to lunch at Palooza with Mr. Bales, who kindly picked up the tab.

Dahlia Laganiere-Melendez
Kenwood School Secretary-for-a-Day Dahlia Laganiere-Melendez.

And speaking of Lights, Camera, Auction, it's happening on May 12 at Kenwood Farms & Gardens, and tickets are still available. The theme this year is Hello, Kenwood! and what could be more appropriate for the town that's “still glowin', still crowin', still goin' strong!” This is the Kenwood Education Foundation's biggest fundraiser of the year. For more information and to buy tickets, go to

Funky Fridays starts up on June 1, but it's not too early to buy tickets. We have them here in the KP office. You can buy single tickets for $10 each, or get a big discount (50 percent) if you buy a 10-ticket package for just $50. And remember, this is a fundraiser for the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation. Funky Fridays is a summer concert series on Friday evenings at Hood Mansion off of Pythian Road, and it is hugely popular and fun, so check it out.

Gail and Don Johnson were in Kansas City and sent this photo - a first for two reasons. I'm pretty sure we've never had a picture with the Press from KC, and I know we've never had one from the airport! Let me guess - you took the paper with you on vacation and never remembered to get it out until you were on your way home? It's an old story, but kudos to you for following up anyway!
johnsons in kansas city
Gail and Don Johnson in Kansas City!

This is May and we're heading into graduation season, so please send us your high school, college, or post-grad news, along with any other chat-worthy news and photos, of course. It's easy to do. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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