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Sharon Ponsford

By way of introduction, my husband and I have lived in Glen Ellen since 1988. If my name is familiar to some, it may be because my family and I founded Artisan Bakers in 1992, which we sold about 10 years ago. Before moving to Sonoma County, we lived in the East Bay, where I worked for the University of California Press, followed by North Point Press.

Sharon Ponsford is a a longtime volunteer with Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and a former board member of the California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators. She lives in Glen Ellen. If you have questions or would like to ask her about our local wildlife, please email her at

Recently Published:

11/15/2017 - Wildfires, wildlife and the rest of us
09/15/2017 - Hurricanes, floods, heat waves, and wildfires all impact wildlife
08/15/2017 - Ending one chapter, starting another
06/15/2017 - Urban wildlife goes mainstream
05/15/2017 - Thursdays with Oliver
04/15/2017 - Tree trimming and trapping – proceed with extreme caution
02/15/2017 - Sonoma Valley = Bear Country
01/15/2017 - Our noisy neighbors: Woodpeckers
12/15/2016 - Books about nature make great gifts
11/15/2016 - Mountain lions, big and small
10/15/2016 - Governor Brown improves lives for captive wildlife in entertainment
09/15/2016 - Rattlesnakes
08/15/2016 - A wildlife corridor in Sonoma Valley
07/01/2016 - Tips for helping wildlife
06/01/2016 - Barn Owl boxes – nature’s own pest control
03/15/2016 - Non-lethal solutions to ranching with wildlife
02/15/2016 - Wild animals do not make good pets
01/15/2016 - Remembering Doug Tompkins: Environmentalist extraordinaire
11/15/2015 - Wolves return to California; welcome to the Shasta Pack
10/15/2015 - The year of the skunk
09/15/2015 - Long struggle leads to big win for bobcats
08/15/2015 - Wildfires, wildlife, and memories
06/15/2015 - The Henno-Dunbar ravens: wild neighbors
05/15/2015 - Wildlife viewing along the California coast
04/15/2015 - Nesting season for songbirds
03/15/2015 - Gearing up for Baby Season
02/15/2015 - The little foxes
01/15/2015 - Coyotes: The good, the bad and the ugly
12/15/2014 - Critter Cams – the perfect gift for admirers of wildlife
10/15/2014 - Bats get a bad rap
09/15/2014 - Wolves in California?
08/15/2014 - The impact of the drought on wildlife
06/15/2014 - Human/wildlife conflicts during birthing season
05/15/2014 - Rodenticides get the boot – another win for wildlife
04/15/2014 - Jane Goodall, Flamenco dancing and raccoons
03/15/2014 - Found a baby – What to do??
03/15/2014 - Found a baby – What to do??
02/15/2014 - The sweetness of skunks
01/15/2014 - Living With Wildlife
11/15/2013 - Turkey Talk
09/15/2013 - Wishing them children and grandchildren
08/01/2013 - Living with Wildlife
06/15/2013 - Baby season has arrived
05/15/2013 - Living with Wildlife

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