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Oakmont Sunday Symposium

Oakmont Berger Center

Sunday March 17th 2019 - 10:30am to

The Oakmont Sunday Symposium meets on Sundays, 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Berger Center. A $3 donation is requested. For more information, go to

March 17 – “The Versailles Peace at 100,” by John Futini

In 1919, The Versailles peace talks were the hope of the world following the devastation of WWI that cost 14 million lives. To help prevent future wars, at the heart of the Treaty of Versailles would be Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points and the League of Nations that would serve as a world peacekeeping organization. How Wilson promoted these goals and how history subsequently developed as a result is the subject of this fascinating lecture. Futini has a B.A. and M.A. in history, his thesis for which was the history of Trione-Annadel State Park. Futini spends time playing chess and tennis, reading history books, writing occasional history articles, bicycling, birding and gardening.

March 24 – “House Calligrapher,” by Rick Paulus

Rick Paulus will take us on a unique journey from the East Wing of the White House to the beaches of Sonoma County. He served as chief calligrapher of the White House under the Clinton and Bush administrations. Using calligraphy as the backdrop, he will share personal vignettes from working at the highest levels of government as a calligrapher, calligraphy’s role in diplomacy and entertaining, how a State dinner is planned and executed, and many insights into the operations of the White House Social Office. Paulus now expresses his passion for the beauty and the strength of nature through the expressive use of letterforms. His work focuses on the writings of environmentalists, poets and others who have written so eloquently of the sea.

March 31 – “Can you Hear Me Now?” by Chris Runge and David Friedland

Human relationships and our sense of community and belonging are dependent upon communication. The inability to hear and communicate through sound can be devastating for patients and their loved ones. However, breakthroughs in cochlear implant technology have led to successful treatment of hearing loss. Dr. Christina Runge and Dr. David Friedland are professors at the Koss Cochlear Implant Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin. They lead clinical and research programs for assessing and treating disorders of the ear, dizziness and vestibular disorders, chronic ear infections and skull base tumors.

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