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Oakmont Sunday Symposium

Oakmont Berger Center

Sunday November 10th 2019 - 10:30am to

The Oakmont Sunday Symposium meets on Sundays, 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Berger Center. A $3 donation is requested. For more information, go to

Nov. 3 - “How You Live Your Life: Compassion and Hard Choices,” by Tess Lorraine

How do we create a world, a legacy, a place where we belong? What gives meaning and purpose to your life and, eventually, to your death? We don't often talk about end-of-life issues, but it is integral to living. Tess Lorraine will help us turn toward our inner compass to align with our deeper intention where restoration and wisdom arise. Contemplating death can help us awaken to our life in a way that is meaningful and relevant. Acknowledging and preparing for the natural processes of our aging, illness and death can be transformative to you, and helps to assure you leave a positive dying legacy in your wake. Lorraine, a certified Doula, is the founder of “Awakening to Life and Death” - facilitating workshops, presentations and retreats to empower end of life passages. She has been facilitating “Speaking of Death” cafés to talk about matters of living and dying.

Nov. 10 - “Living with Lions in Sonoma County,” by Dr. Quinton Martins

In California, mountain lions are at the top of the food chain and play critical roles in our natural ecosystems. Yet mountain lions themselves live a fragile existence. Dr. Quinton Martins will introduce us to the region's mountain lion population, represented by over a dozen GPS-tracked big cats, and offer tips for reducing the risk of conflict with pets and backyard livestock. Understand how you can coexist with the wildlife in your backyard and become an ambassador for the region's elusive top carnivore. Martins is the director of Living with Lions, Audubon Canyon Ranch's community conservation project centered around the North Bay mountain lion population. Martins is the former founder and CEO of the Cape Leopard Trust, a successful predator conservation NGO based in South Africa. He has over 20 years of field experience having worked in wilderness areas throughout much of Africa, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., and is considered a leading expert on leopards.

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