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Laurel Glen Vineyards masterclass with Bettina Sichel


Thursday May 28th 2020 - 4:00pm to

Virtual master class hosted by The Educated Grape features Bettina Sichel, a veteran of the California wine industry, who became the steward of Laurel Glen Vineyard after purchasing the iconic estate from founder Patrick Campbell. The daughter of Peter M.F. Sichel, the man responsible for making Blue Nun a household name in America, Bettina is a fifth generation Sichel family member to work in the wine business. Explore the great wines of Laurel Glen Vineyards and learn how the nuances of grape growing (and winemaking) on Sonoma Mountain make it world class for Cabernet Sauvignon. Links provided when registering online. Fee: $35

Info: 973-699-2199 973-699-2199

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