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Depot News: 12/01/2015

Sonoma Strings soar

Delightful string quartet brought classical mastery to the Depot.

The last concert in our winter chamber music series was something so special that the audience erupted in a standing ovation as this superb classical ensemble ended their presentation playing the jazz standard Blue Rondo a la Turk with fortissimo downbows. This concluded a performance that magically transported those in attendance through the centuries and seasons.

The quartet opened with a Bach Brandenburg Concerto that resounded perfectly in the open, natural acoustics of the old Depot. This was followed by parts of a Beethoven Quartet and then a stunning reading of the “summer” portion of Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons. Then, the audience was truly mesmerized and completely charmed by a performance of “Eleanor Rigby” that had all present smiling.

In the latter half, we were treated to more superb music including “autumn” from the Vivaldi and the aforementioned Blue Rondo. I don’t believe that anyone present would have swapped the experience for an NFL game, but then one never knows.

Unfortunately, as fabulous as the three concerts in the series have been, the attendance was unsatisfactory and we are forced to curtail the series. Thus, The Alphabet Baroque Club and Valentine Jazz concerts scheduled for Jan. 3 and Feb. 14, respectively, will not take place.

We remain hopeful that we can perhaps revisit the series in Spring 2016, with a few minor changes (such as the time when concerts are held) that might increase community attendance. Culture is often a difficult thing to promote.

Meanwhile, all are invited to our Annual Christmas Pot Luck on Dec. 5 at 4 p.m. This will be a particularly special affair since we will have the world-famous Copeland Creek Brass performing seasonal music from 5 to 6 p.m. Those who witnessed their performance at the Depot in September will certainly want to come.

Similarly, our wine auction and fantastic array of home cooked food (with ham and turkey provided by the KCC) is not to be missed. Please bring a dish to share, based on the first letter of your last name: A-F desserts; G-L entrees; M-R salads; S-Z appetizers.

The Christmas Pot Luck is a perfect occasion to show support for your Kenwood Community Club, meet friends and enjoy yourself.

As part of our continuing renovation of the beloved Depot, we have installed a wonderful gas insert in the 1888 fireplace and its authentic appearance will not only impress you but warm you as well.

Last but not least, don’t forget the Dakaboom Comedy Shows on Dec. 27 and 28.

Details of these events are available at our website:


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